Android Q to bring along new emojis including quite cute ones

A text message is no longer simply a text message, maybe with the exception of business messages. in almost all other cases, we express ourselves with the help of the emojis that become more and more interesting and varied. From the simpler smiley faces we started at, emojis have become a lot more complex and they are now able to reflect much more than the basic emotions. Google just announced that Android Q will bring along no less than 65 new emojis, and at first glance, some of them seem to be quite cute.

The new emojis that will become available with the introduction of Android Q include some new animals, like a sloth, an otter, an orangutan, service dogs, a flamingo, and a skunk. Also, there are new emojis in the food and beverage section too. With Android Q we will be able to use waffle, garlic, onion, oyster, and juice emojis too. Who knows when one of these will come in handy? Maybe you want to invite your better half over for some garlic bread, or you want them to know that they are really deep and have many complicated layers, so you just send them an onion emoji that says it all.

android q emojis

The new Android Q emojis will also offer more variation when it comes to emojis that depict couples. There are mainly the same types of couples, gender-wise but now there is a wide range of possibilities when opting for the skin tone of the members of the couples. It’s safe to say that Google was very thorough and covered all the possibilities. According to the tech giant, the new emojis will also include 53 gender-inclusive designs that will help erase gender stereotypes. As an example, smartphone users will be able to opt between male and female presentations of the ‘person getting a haircut’ emoji. Even more, they can choose a gender-ambiguous design which will actually be default in Android Q.

We all have to admit that there is almost no need to actually write anything in text messages nowadays. We can express almost anything and everything with the help of emojis that just got even more varied.

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