Apple HomePod will start shipping on August 23rd in Japan and Taiwan

Even though smart speakers might be listening in on us and keeping our recordings for years and years, we just love them. The Apple HomePod is one of these gadgets and now it will reach Japan and Taiwan too. Apple will release the smart speaker next week in the new regions, however, those who want to be among the first ones to get their hands on one of these devices can already preorder the Apple Homepod on the company’s website. The first ones to preorder the gadgets will receive them starting August 23rd.

As for the pricing, the Apple HomePod sells for 32,800 yen in Japan and $9,900 New Taiwan dollars in Taiwan. These translate into roughly $309 and $316, respectively. While these prices are similar to the ones the HomePod sells for in the US, the original selling price in the States was $50 higher. The company only dropped the price by $50 earlier this year, so Japan and Taiwan will actually get the gadgets cheaper than the first US customers did. Given the fact that the smart speaker was first shown off more than two years ago in the US, this might disappoint many HomePod users there.

The Apple HomePod was the company’s attempt to take over the market that is currently dominated by the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers. The fact that in two years it only reached twelve markets doesn’t really project the idea that the HomePod is a serious contestant in the smart speaker race. Amazon’s Echo line and the Google Home still do a lot better, even in the aftermath of some allegations according to which Amazon is keeping recordings of the users for several years. Even so, the gadget might become popular in Japan and in Taiwan. Only time will tell just how well it will do in the new markets.

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