Apple iPhone 11 could bring the TouchID back

The iPhone X was definitely an eye-catching smartphone. It was a huge change both in design and in features compared to the previous models and it was perfect for marking the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. One of the features it ditched and some people would like having back is the TouchID. Ever since the iPhone X, FaceID took the place of the fingerprint sensor. This year, with the Apple iPhone 11, we might get it back. At least, that is what a patent granted yesterday suggests. Naturally, we won’t only get the TouchID back, as we knew it, it will also bring along some improvements.

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Along with the TouchID, the iPhone’s home button disappeared too. While it was a feature that looked really nice according to many iPhone users, the Apple iPhone 11 probably won’t bring it back. But how will TouchID wor without it, one might ask? Nothing simpler: the whole display of the Apple iPhone 11 will serve as a huge fingerprint sensor. If the patented technology will actually see the light of day, the iPhone 11 will unlock no matter where the user will touch the screen. This could prove to be a lot more comfortable to use than the fingerprint sensor in the home button, then again, it could also result in users unlocking their Apple iPhone 11 even when they don’t want to.

Image credit: Patently Apple

The return of the TouchID is not the only rumor surfacing these days. Some even suggested that the new iPhone model will be able to map the ear of the user too and use it for unlocking the phone. Previously scientists used fingerprints, iris scans, facial features to unlock systems, so the ear mapping doesn’t seem to be completely impossible, however, it probably won’t gain as many fans as fingerprint sensors and iris scanners did before.

There still are months to go until the Cupertino-based company will unveil its new Apple iPhone 11, so we need to take every new bit of information with a grain of salt. What is certain is that the new iPhone will bring along new features and it will probably be just as well-received by Apple fans lie any previous model.

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