Audio Zoom and Live HDR could be two of the new Pixel 4 features

Google’s Pixel 4 smartphones are just around the corner so it’s no surprise that rumors regarding the handsets surface every day now. According to the latest reports, coming from XDA Developers forum member cstark27, suggest that the upcoming Google flagships will have at least two great new features. Google usually delivers smartphones with great cameras and this doesn’t seem to change this year either. Besides the high-quality lenses and sensors, the Google Camera app also gets some new features. One of the most interesting ones is the Audio Zoom. Other smartphone manufacturers already used this feature in their smartphone cameras, however, it will be the first time for Google to use it.

Thanks to the Audio Zoom feature users will be able to focus on specific audio when recording videos. This will prove to be extremely efficient when users want to focus on a certain person’s speech or even on street music and what not else. For those who own previous Pixel models, there is some bad news. According to the same source, the feature will not come just yet to older models, instead, it is marked as “experimental2019″. This most likely means that at least at first only the Google Pixel 4 series smartphones will have this feature.

Another possible new feature is the Live HDR. Basically, this should allow users to review the HDR effect in the viewfinder itself before actually taking a picture. The same source states that in the references to the camera app there is also reference to a so-called Mesh Warp feature. Unlike in the case of the previous features, it’s not really clear what this feature will do. However, those familiar with the subject suggest that it might be a perspective-correction algorithm for selfies. Since the Pixel 4 series smartphones will reportedly don only one lens for the front-facing camera, it’s quite important that it is able to deliver high-quality images, so the new feature might help under this aspect.

We expect the Google Pixel 4 series smartphones to launch at the beginning of October, as they usually do. There is quite a few information regarding the upcoming handset, both regarding its design and specs. Even so, we are eager to see the final product in all its splendor.

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