redmi note 8
21 Aug 2019

Redmi Note 8 to pack a quad camera setup

Smartphones keep popping up, like mushrooms after the rain. Even though Xiaomi brand Redmi already delivered a pretty impressive Note device this year, in only a few days, on August 29, it will unveil yet another smartphone, the Redmi Note 8, and it will be even more powerful than the

apple watch 5
18 Aug 2019

Apple Watch 5 could launch in September in a really hot body

It was really quiet for a while around the Apple Watch 5, and now rumors started pouring in. First of all, we now know that Apple’s smartwatch could launch as soon as next month. This might not actually be a surprise, but it is the first time we hear anything

Apple HomePod
16 Aug 2019

Apple HomePod will start shipping on August 23rd in Japan and Taiwan

Even though smart speakers might be listening in on us and keeping our recordings for years and years, we just love them. The Apple HomePod is one of these gadgets and now it will reach Japan and Taiwan too. Apple will release the smart speaker next week in the new

Samsung Galaxy A91
16 Aug 2019

Samsung Galaxy A91 could sport the 108MP camera

Smartphone cameras have come a really long way ever since we’ve first seen them. It seems that this is one of the features that is easiest to improve as every new generation almost doubles the quality of the camera that preceded them. We recently reported that Samsung finalized the works

honor vision
11 Aug 2019

Honor Vision Smart TV more like a smartphone than a TV set

Even though smartphones and laptops are our main go-to gadgets, smart TVs are still a part of our lives as they are the perfect devices to watch our favorite shows and movies on. In the past few years, devices of this kind got more and more amazing and they offer

huawei mate 30
11 Aug 2019

Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro to launch on September 19

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is finally here and it seems to be in the center of every discussion, however, the line of amazing 2019 flagships doesn’t stop with it. The iPhone 11 is still to be announced and now we even have a launch date for the Huawei Mate

self-driving shuttles
07 Aug 2019

Self-driving shuttles take over Brooklyn Navy Yard

A few years ago self-driving vehicles seemed to be impossible to achieve. Now, they are a reality, even more, they aren’t only available in the form of personal cars, the first self-driving shuttles already turned up in Brooklyn. The smart vehicles don’t run around New York City freely just yet,

Fitbit Versa 2
01 Aug 2019

Fitbit Versa 2 could launch before the holiday season

Smartwatches have become really popular over the last few years, and thankfully, there are quite a few models to choose from. The Fitbit Versa 2 could be the next model to launch, as the company already hinted towards the fact that they are working on a new gadget and Evan

Samsung Galaxy Active 2019
31 Jul 2019

Samsung Galaxy Active 2019 focuses more on usefulness than looks

Samsung’s Galaxy Active series smartphones might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, there are quite a few people who just love the rugged device that is not a constant break-threat, instead, it focuses on being a useful gadget. The Samsung Galaxy Active 2019 is not available yet, however, the

oppo waterfall screen
29 Jul 2019

The Oppo Waterfall Screen looks great but it might have some issues

When we thought that curved screens are becoming a thing of the past, Oppo came up with the Oppo Waterfall Screen which is more curved that anything we’ve ever seen. The company recently showed off the new screen type on a smartphone and we have to admit, it looks pretty