Nokia 7.2
19 Sep 2019

Nokia 7.2 goes on sale starting September 23 in India

Ever since HMD rethought the Nokia brand, we have been receiving some solid, yet affordable devices. The Nokia 7.2 which just launched in India is no exception from the rule. The handset has quite a lot to offer, but it doesn’t cost too much. Of course, there are other smartphone

OnePlus 7T
16 Sep 2019

OnePlus 7T smartphones launching globally on October 10

OnePlus made a habit in the last couple of years of launching the more than one handset. This year is no exception, and the company just announced the existence of the OnePlus 7T series devices. OnePlus didn’t only confirm the fact they are working on the new smartphone, we now

Samsung Galaxy M10s
12 Sep 2019

Budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy M10s coming soon to India

Samsung might be best-known for its flagship devices but it also delivers a great number of mid-range and budget-friendly handsets. A couple of days ago we reported that the company is going to launch the Galaxy M30 on September 18. Now, it seems that another M-series smartphone will launch soon

Sony Xperia 5
10 Sep 2019

Sony Xperia 5 pre-order prices start at $799

The Sony Xperia 5 is the latest addition to the company’s lineup of flagship smartphones. While the new handset is not that different from its predecessor, the Sony Xperia 1, it does have some new features and it is a tad smaller than the previous model. Sony unveiled its new

powerup 4.0
09 Sep 2019

Powerup 4.0 Smartphone- controlled paper airplane 547% funded on Kickstarter

There are a lot of gadgets available right now and it seems that all of them have their own fans. The Powerup 4.0 smartphone-controlled paper airplane is definitely not a common sight, even so, it already got 547% funding on the crowdfunding platform. It is strictly a recreational gadget, with

Samsung Galaxy M30
08 Sep 2019

Samsung Galaxy M30 with 6,000mAh battery to launch on September 18

This year, we’ve seen quite a few flagship smartphones launch. They are all really impressive, however, we have to admit that the majority of people settle for mid-range devices, or at least more affordable ones, even if they aren’t as amazing. After all, many of us need our smartphones mainly

04 Sep 2019

With AirAlly you can charge all your Apple gadgets at the same time

Gadgets are a part of our lives whether we care to admit it or not. We all use at least two or three gadgets daily, in order to complete our work and socialize. Unfortunately, all gadgets come with their own chargers and this is why we often find ourselves surrounded

MIT snake robot
03 Sep 2019

MIT snake robot might be terrifying but it can save lives

Medicine has come a really long way and robots in this industry are not a novelty. Even so, the MIT snake robot is something not many people would like to have crawling in their heads. But that is what the snake-like robot is meant to do. The researchers at Massachusets

Huawei Mate 30
02 Sep 2019

Huawei Mate 30 Series to Launch in Munich on September 19

Huawei might have had its share of problems this year, but this doesnțt stop the company from launching new handsets. The Huawei Mate 30 series smartphones are next in line and now we finally have an official launch date for them. Huawei recently disclosed the fact that the new handsets

samsung galaxy fold
30 Aug 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold could finally launch at IFA 2019 next week

If there was a biggest surprise and a biggest disappointment in terms of smartphones this year, we have to say that both titles go to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The South Korean tech giant has teased us for years with a foldable smartphone so we were really excited when the