05 May 2019

GravaStar – One of the coolest looking speakers you can imagine

A good speaker is a must-have gadget in every home. While in the past they all looked more or less the same, nowadays these little gadgets have become more and more attractive. Some of them are elegant, some have bolder designs. The GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker is one of the coolest-looking

google pixel 3a
02 May 2019

Google Pixel 3a could be revealed next week with a $399 starting price

Google’s smartphones are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. They usually don’t look as fabulous as other flagship devices and this is a major minus in the book of many smartphone users. However, the Pixel smartphones usually are able to ensure amazing user experience. Another thing that prevented people from

01 May 2019

Apple iPhone 11 could bring the TouchID back

The iPhone X was definitely an eye-catching smartphone. It was a huge change both in design and in features compared to the previous models and it was perfect for marking the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. One of the features it ditched and some people would like having back is the TouchID.

thoughts to speech
30 Apr 2019

Turning thoughts to speech is not impossible anymore

Those of us who have the ability to speak take it for granted and we rarely think of the people who can’t, for one reason or another. Of course, we can usually communicate with those who can not speak by using sign language or writing. Unfortunately, these are not viable

iPhone XR 2019
27 Apr 2019

iPhone XR 2019 will have a new camera setup

Apple launched three new devices last year and everyone loved the fact that there were several models to choose from. The company will supposedly go the same way this year too, offering three devices, one model for every pocket. Naturally, we can expect some improvements, and it seems that one

samsung galaxy s10 5g
25 Apr 2019

Galaxy S10 5G available for preorder with Verizon

There are exactly three weeks left until the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G officially goes on sale. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer’s first 5G device will hit the shelves on May 16. Naturally, those who would really like to have it can preorder the handset. Verizon users can already do this,

24 Apr 2019

MetaFly – the bionic creature that looks and moves like a living one

Having and flying a drone is a lot of fun. It allows users to work on their coordination skills and enjoy nature at the same time. The only thing that can be more awesome than this is flying a bionic creature that looks like a living one. The MetaFly is

23 Apr 2019

Realme finally arriving in its home country, China

What started out as Oppo’s affordable series, and grew to be an independent brand, namely Realme, finally seems to arrive home. The brand already made its way to several markets in the Asia-Pacific region, however, it was not present on the Chinese market until now. This is quite surprising, as

samsung galaxy fold
22 Apr 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold – Is this a fiasco, like the Galaxy Note 7?

This year, we finally got to see the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The South Korean company has worked for years on the foldable device and in the first quarter of the year they finally showed it off. Naturally, as many people were eagerly waiting for it, it was a big sensation.

oneplus 7
19 Apr 2019

OnePlus 7 could have three rear cameras and a pop-up camera

This year we’ve already seen a number of great smartphones. Even so, there are lots more to come, one of which is the OnePlus 7. The Chinese company impressed the tech heads ever since it delivered the OnePlus One, the flagship killer, and it seems it intends to stay in