Ayi – Smart Mirror with AI starts shipping before the end of the year

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the cleverest of them all? The answer to this question might just be Ayi, the AI-powered smart mirror. Artificial intelligence is now all around us and it seems that mirrors are no exceptions from the rule. Ayi is, at this point a live project on Kickstarter and given the fact that it already raised more than 700% of its initial goal, we could say that some people were actually waiting for a smart mirror to surface. And it finally did.

Ayi looks just like a regular mirror at first glance, but it is actually a great AI assistant. First of all, the smart mirror can not only deliver reminders that users set, it will also be able to make suggestions in time. For example, if you set an important meeting for a certain time, Ayi will be able to ask you whether it needs to call an Uber for you in order to et to the meeting. Basically, this seemingly regular object can become your personal aid. Also, the smart mirror features voice recognition, so users can simply ask it to perform different tasks by telling it what to do, and it will do it.

The smart mirror can do everything any other smart home assistant can. It can order groceries, take out, taxis and Uber, and it can also control all the smart appliances in the user’s home. Whether you need a pizza or to dim the lights, Ayi is there to make your wishes come true. The gadget even looks out for the well-being of its master. The smart mirror uses machine learning and user feedback to give practical advice regarding your fitness routines and it can display all the data from your fitness tracker in one place. How cool is that?

Ayi might look like a mirror but it can also work as a display. The device can show videos and it can also play music or your favorite podcasts if you ask it to. It can keep an eye on your health and entertain you at the same time. Even more, the smart mirror comes with several Augmented Reality apps, so it can show you how a pair of sunglasses would look on you, for example. Who said that mirrors are our enemies? Ayi can be your best friend.

As for the technology behind Ayi, it’s worth to mention that the mirror is actually a Samsung display with HD resolution and it comes with a Corte A9 processor and Realtek Sound. Instinct OS, 16GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage complete the image of the perfect AI assistant. The retail price of Ayi will be $1,000. Those who choose to back the project on Kickstarter, however, can get the smart mirror for only $499 or even two units for $899. According to the manufacturers, the smart mirror will start shipping to backers in December, just in time for the holidays.

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