BUOQ Axis – Headphones or speakers?

Sometimes we need a great pair of headphones, so we can listen to our music by ourselves, sometimes we would like to have good speaker so we can share our favorite jams with others. With the BUOQ Axis 3-in-1 headphones, you can have both in one gadget. One of the best things about the BUOQ Axis is the fact that you don’t have to give up on sound quality to do have everything in one gadget. Unfortunately, the quality of 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 products is not really the best, but in this case, the sound quality doesn’t have to suffer.


When used as headphones, the BUOQ Axis are incredibly comfortable and they deliver amazing sound. The ear cups are equipped with comfortable pads with NIF tech that ensure breathable and skin-friendly sense. The headband is adjustable, so it will fit basically everyone easily and perfectly. The headband cushion is not only comfortable, but it is also waterproof and stain-proof, so it will remain comfortable and good-looking for a longer period of time. The headphones are also easy to use thanks to the controls that are situated on the sides of the earcups. With these controls, users can easily toggle between Vocal, Heavy Bass, and Equilibrium modes, and it allows users to easily turn on music, pause it, or skip to the next track. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection works seamlessly and it works great on distances of up to 15m / 50 feet.

Turning the BUOQ Axis into speakers is really fast and easy. Users only need to turn the earpads outwards. They don’t even have to activate the speaker mode or the headphones mode, as the gadget will automatically activate the different modes when they turn the earpads outward or inward. The speakers are truly mobile too, as the gadget works bots in wired and wireless modes. The battery of the gadget is able to ensure quite an impressive battery life. In headphone mode, the BUOQ Axis can ensure up to 18 hours of playback time. In speaker mode, on the other hand, the battery life shortens a little bit, but the gadget can still ensure 11 hours of playback time.

This great gadget is the object of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Even though it has quite a lot to offer, its price isn’t high. Those who back the project with only €79 can get their hands on a pair of these beauties. Of course, the normal retail price will be higher, but those who back the project can benefit from serious deals. You can check out the variants here.

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