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TOP-35 Business Ideas for School Children and Teenagers

In this article, we will look at business Ideas for school children and teenagers.

We gift on your interest the TOP 35 nice commercial enterprise thoughts for young adults with out funding and with minimum funding.

You can do it on your own or with the help of your parents.

Business Ideas for School Children and Teenagers

1. Home Bakery

Teenagers can earn money by making baked goods and distributing them.

You can begin a commercial enterprise with a capital of $ 30-50 , furnished that there’s an oven at home.

Selling baked goods brings in up to $200 a month.

2. Help in the Neighborhood

An example of a business idea without investment for teenagers is doing small errands for money (walking dogs, washing cars, buying groceries, helping with the housework). Net profit reaches $150.

3. Nanny for an hour

It is better to engage in such a business from the age of 18, because people are reluctant to trust their children to minors.

The easiest way to find clients is to chat with classmates, teachers, acquaintances of parents.

The business does not require investments and allows you to earn $200 monthly.

4. Learning to play musical instruments

What kind of business to open a teenager who studied at a music school? Give individual lessons to other children using your own instrument. It is enough to find a few clients to earn $250 per month. This is a good option for a business without investment.

5. Resale of Chinese goods

An actual business that can be opened even at 10 years old is the resale of popular goods from China (for example, with AliExpress ).

The purchase of the first batch will take $ 100. Net income with such investments will be 300-400 dollars .

6. Teaching computer literacy

What kind of business should a student who does not have start-up capital do? Help adults learn gadgets. If you take 20 $ for 1 consultation, you can earn 300 $. per month.

7. Print sheets

An interesting business idea for a teenager is the organization of a mini printing house. By providing this service, you can earn up to $ 100 monthly. It is recommended to search for clients among classmates, in social networks, on bulletin boards ( Avito , Yula, etc.).

To organize a business, you will have to buy a laser printer worth $60 or more. A device with a color printing function will cost more – $ 150-250.

8. Knitting for sale

A girl who knows how to knit can sell hats, scarves, mittens, booties, envelopes for discharge from the hospital, blankets.

Starting capital is 50-100 $. With the right organization, the business brings in more than $200 per month.

9. Home greenhouse

Interesting business ideas for schoolchildren include selling houseplants. To organize the business, you need to buy different types of plants, propagate and plant them in pots. Starting capital will be $150, net income – $200.

10. Purchasing services

Young people can earn money by helping adults with the purchase of goods (food, medicine, animal feed, etc.).

Adolescents 18, 19 years old can buy alcohol and tobacco products. No investment required. Profit is $300.

11. Earnings on minitasks

Business ideas for schoolchildren that do not require investments include making money on clicks, viewing content, completing surveys and tests.

You can create accounts on SEOsprint , WMmail, SEO-FAST, WMzona, ProfitCentR , etc. sites. Net income reaches $50.

12. Instagram administrator

Teenagers from 15 years old can help companies and bloggers maintain pages on Instagram.

We recommend cooperating with the first 2-3 clients for free. This will help you gain experience and create your own case.

The work of maintaining pages includes their promotion and development of text content. Net profit from 1 page – $ 100 . No investment required.

13. Packager services

A variant of the business idea for schoolchildren is the provision of packing services when moving. A lot of money to implement the idea is not required. It is enough to invest $ 50 in the purchase of durable boxes and packaging materials. Net income – from $ 100 per month.

14. Care of the local area

In a village or suburb, you can provide services for the care of the local area . In summer, it is worth doing lawn mowing and caring for plants, and in winter – snow removal.

To implement the idea, you need to buy a trimmer, pruner, shovel. The total investment will not exceed $80. Expected profit – from $ 200 and above.

15. Production of cosmetics

To open a home production, you need to invest at least $ 300 in the purchase of active ingredients, preservatives, emulsifiers, etc. Selling natural cosmetics allows you to earn from $ 200 .

16. Naming

For schoolchildren who have everything in order with fantasy, an Internet business for creating slogans is suitable. You can take orders on YouDo, TurboText, Freelance.Ru .

The advantage of a business lies in the absence of investments, the disadvantage is in the inconstancy of earnings.

Some clients pay $100 for a slogan, but such orders are usually not available to newcomers.

17. T-shirt printing

A profitable small business for schoolchildren is the sale of printed clothing. To start a business, choose a printing house with low prices that will fulfill your orders. The purchase of 15-20 T-shirts will cost $100. The net profit will be $200.

18. Sale of ready-made solutions

Business ideas from scratch for schoolchildren include writing essays, compiling cheat sheets, and solving tests.

You can also sell products that facilitate the learning process – earpieces, pens with cheat sheets and invisible ink.

You can buy these items for $50-100. Net profit exceeds $200.

19. Services of a trainer

An interesting business for teenagers who know how to find a common language with animals. Training is recommended from the age of 16 or 18.

We recommend taking simple orders related to raising puppies or animals of small breeds.

To implement the idea, you need to buy a waist bag and a treat for a total of $30. If you conduct at least 15 classes per month, you can earn $ 100.

20. Sale of game accounts

Almost every underage boy over the age of 12 has several profiles in different online games. Selling game accounts is a good idea , capable of bringing in from $50 per month.

Do you want to increase profits? Help your friends earn money and take a small percentage from them. Almost no investment is required.

21. Mobile Application Development

What kind of business can be opened for a student who understands gadgets and feels the needs of the market well? Try mobile app development with GoodBarber , Shoutem, Swiftic, AppYourself and more.

To use their functions, you need to pay a subscription costing from 5 euros. Earnings depend on your abilities and can exceed $400.

22. Conducting webinars

Successful Small Business for Teenagers – Hosting Online Seminars in Real Time. You can teach everything that you can do yourself – promoting blogs in social networks, making crafts, cooking.

To host a webinar, you can choose MyOwnConference , AnyMeeting, ClickMeeting or another platform.

Sometimes you have to activate paid plans (the cost depends on the functions used, the number of participants and presenters). Net profit is not limited.

23. Street performances

Business ideas for teenagers include street performances. You can sing, dance, play musical instruments.

If you perform 15 days a month for 1 hour, the profit will be $150-200. You may need money to buy costumes or equipment. Costs do not exceed $100.

24. Sale of paintings by numbers

A small business that can be opened even at the age of 11 is the sale of paintings by numbers.

We recommend buying goods on Aliexpress and selling at a premium. To purchase 20 paintings, you will have to spend $100. Net income will be $160.

25. Photographing

Creative business projects for schoolchildren include the provision of photography services. To start shooting, you need to buy a SLR camera (the minimum cost of a second-hand product is $ 200). If you conduct at least 10 photo sessions per month, the net income will exceed $150.

26. Apartment cleaning

Cleaning apartments is a good business idea for a child over 13 years old.

To implement the idea, you will need a minimum set of tools: buckets, rags, sponges, detergents. It will cost $50 to purchase everything you need. Monthly earnings will be $200.

27. Outdoor workouts

If you are over 16 years old and lead an active lifestyle, organize outdoor training.

People will pay $2-3 per session to practice with like-minded people.

This way of earning does not require investments . If you conduct 8 workouts for 10 people, you can earn up to $ 250 monthly.

28. Carrying out charitable gatherings

What kind of business can a teenager who wants to make the world a better place do? Collect money for good causes at school or in the yard. Take a small percentage for organizing the event, transfer the rest to those in need.

Report on the money spent to avoid problems with the law ( in all countries there is an article for fraud ).

In the absence of investments, the business brings up to $100 of net profit per month ( $1200 per year ). You can engage in charitable activities at the age of 17 or any other age.

29. Cybersquatting

Another business idea for a student is to register and sell domain names. You can sell a domain at an auction or in a specialized store (for example, REG.RU ).

Profit depends on the number of hosted names and their demand.

30. Sale of anime paraphernalia

A good income for teenagers who are passionate about Japanese animation. The first batch of goods can be bought for $50-100 on e-Bay or Amazon. If there are at least 10 customers who buy 1 product per month, the net income will be $100.

31. Publishing your own newspaper

Interesting start-ups for schoolchildren include publishing their own newspapers. This is a real business that can bring in $150 a month .

To open your own mini printing house, you will need a printer and paper with a total cost of $ 100.

32. Help in ordering goods from Amazon

Another example of a business idea for children without investment is making money on placing and delivering orders from Amazon. The markup can be 10-15% of the purchase price. The business brings about $100 a month.

33. Transcription

A teenage transcription business (transcribing audio and video into text) can be run at home. Beginners earn from $100 per month, professionals – from $400-500. Orders appear on freelance exchanges – Weblancer , YouDo, , etc. An entrepreneur can implement an idea without investing.

34. Laundry at home

If parents have a washing machine and iron, you can open a small laundry room. Your first customers will be acquaintances – neighbors, relatives, friends.

To open a business, you need $50 to buy washing powder. The expected profit is $150.

35. Sell Content

Many teenagers are engaged in the creation of unique content – pictures, logos, texts, photographs. You can sell ready-made material on photo stocks, freelance and copywriting exchanges.

The business requires almost no investments and allows you to earn $200 monthly.

We have listed the best business ideas for teenagers. Do not forget to draw up a business plan and evaluate the effectiveness of the ideas you like. Remember that from the age of 14, a student can become an individual entrepreneur.

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