MIT snake robot
03 Sep 2019

MIT snake robot might be terrifying but it can save lives

Medicine has come a really long way and robots in this industry are not a novelty. Even so, the MIT snake robot is something not many people would like to have crawling in their heads. But that is what the snake-like robot is meant to do. The researchers at Massachusets

self-driving shuttles
07 Aug 2019

Self-driving shuttles take over Brooklyn Navy Yard

A few years ago self-driving vehicles seemed to be impossible to achieve. Now, they are a reality, even more, they aren’t only available in the form of personal cars, the first self-driving shuttles already turned up in Brooklyn. The smart vehicles don’t run around New York City freely just yet,

thoughts to speech
30 Apr 2019

Turning thoughts to speech is not impossible anymore

Those of us who have the ability to speak take it for granted and we rarely think of the people who can’t, for one reason or another. Of course, we can usually communicate with those who can not speak by using sign language or writing. Unfortunately, these are not viable