Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro
19 Jul 2019

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro to launch on July 30

Smartphones that are clearly aiming gamers are not really a novelty. Even so, there aren’t too many models yet so a new one is also welcome. The Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro is the next gaming smartphone to launch and we even have an official launch date now. The Chinese

Sony Xperia 1
27 Jun 2019

Sony Xperia 1 preorders start on 28 June with a special bundle

Sony will release its latest handset, the Sony Xperia 1 on July 12. However, those who want to make sure that they will be among the first people to get one can preorder the device starting June 28. Even more, those who preorder the smartphone will also get a special

samsung galaxy a90
26 Jun 2019

Samsung Galaxy A90 to sport SD 855 and 48MP camera

Samsung flagship devices, with rare exceptions, have always been great and powerful. Unfortunately, the budget phones of the same company did not impress that much. The majority of them did offer really nice screens, but under other aspects, they were rather weak phones, at least for their prices. This year,

huawei mate x
14 Jun 2019

Huawei Mate X not coming this month after all

Foldable phones are finally a thing as of this year. Samsung finally launched its Galaxy Fold device, after a few years of teasing the world with the promise of it, and other manufacturers started to line up too with their foldable devices. Unfortunately, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Xbox Game Pass for PC
09 Jun 2019

Xbox Game Pass for PC grants access to at least 10 games for $4.99

Microsoft’s E3 event takes place today and this is when the company launches the beta for its Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription service. While the normal price of the subscription will be $4.99 per month, the beta version will only cost users $1 per month. That is, until the

23 Apr 2019

Realme finally arriving in its home country, China

What started out as Oppo’s affordable series, and grew to be an independent brand, namely Realme, finally seems to arrive home. The brand already made its way to several markets in the Asia-Pacific region, however, it was not present on the Chinese market until now. This is quite surprising, as

samsung galaxy fold
22 Apr 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold – Is this a fiasco, like the Galaxy Note 7?

This year, we finally got to see the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The South Korean company has worked for years on the foldable device and in the first quarter of the year they finally showed it off. Naturally, as many people were eagerly waiting for it, it was a big sensation.

samsung galaxy a10e
20 Apr 2019

Samsung Galaxy A10e, the most affordable Samsung smartphone, is about to launch

Samsung is famous for its flagship devices but its more affordable models are quite popular too. After releasing the A20e, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer seems to be ready to launch yet another affordable model, the Samsung Galaxy A10e. Samsung is famous for its flagship devices but its more affordable

oneplus 7
19 Apr 2019

OnePlus 7 could have three rear cameras and a pop-up camera

This year we’ve already seen a number of great smartphones. Even so, there are lots more to come, one of which is the OnePlus 7. The Chinese company impressed the tech heads ever since it delivered the OnePlus One, the flagship killer, and it seems it intends to stay in