Espresso Displays – the world’s thinnest portable display funded in only 7 hours

Kickstarter is the place where great projects come to get funded. One of the most impressive projects of the last period of time was Espresso Displays, which got fully funded in only 7 hours after the developers went live with the crowdfunding campaign. It’s no wonder that backers got so excited about this project, as it is indeed amazing. Espresso Displays developed the world’s thinnest portable display that can make users work more efficiently anywhere they go. The portable display is not necessarily small, however, it is ultra-portable thanks to its lightweight design and it works seamlessly with any laptop.

Espresso Displays is not just another portable display. It is a touch screen that is only 5mm thick, it only weighs 690 grams, and it comes with a series of unique accessories and an incredible mount. The device is USB-C and HDMI compatible, so users can easily connect it to any other device they work on. The 10-point touchscreen can really come in handy when completing work, and those who back the project on Kickstarter can get one of these beauties for prices starting at 294 AU$, which translates into $199. This is the price for the 13.3-inches variant. The gadget comes in a 15.6-inches variant too, which also has an accessible price tag. of course, the retail price of the device once it officially hits the market will be a little higher, this is why those who would really like to own one should consider investing in it from the beginning and back the project on Kickstarter.

Espresso Displays

Everyone knows by now that a second display can seriously increase productivity when working on projects. The fact that the Espresso Displays are touch screens and come in several size variants with easy-to-use flip cases or the Mountgo that turns the portable screen into a great monitor only makes things better. The 1080p resolution screen is beautiful and as it was already mentioned, thanks to its slim design and lightweight aluminum frame it is easy to carry around wherever you need it to go with you.

The crowdfunding is still live for the next 19 days. The developing company offers some sweet deals right now. Backers can opt for single displays or bundles of two. For an additional sum, they can also get the flip case or the Mountgo for special prices. This is, indeed a nice investment for your work as it will surely make it a lot easier and more productive. The device will go into mass production this month and start shipping in the first semester of next year.

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