Google Pixel 4 might come earlier than usual

The fact that information regarding upcoming gadgets leaks ahead of their official unveiling is not a novelty anymore. However, when the information comes from the manufacturer, it is a surprise. Google recently teased the world with a partial image of the upcoming Google Pixel 4. The picture only shows the camera bump, which is quite similar to the square camera bump of the iPhone 11 that is also a rumored device. Besides the primary camera setup’s design, the image also reveals that the Google Pixel 4 will not sport a rear fingerprint sensor. This could mean that the tech giant will adopt an in-display fingerprint sensor or it could also just rely on face recognition.

The Pixel devices usually launch in October. Now that Google revealed the image one might wonder why it did so this early. One explanation could be that the Google Pixel 4 will not launch in October, instead, the company might unveil it sooner than expected. Whether Google will choose to show off its new handset in September or even earlier is still quite unclear. According to some, the fact that the company decided to share the image with the world might be due to the fact that they want to make it clear that Google is not copying the camera setup of Apple’s iPhone. Either guess makes sense, only Google knows its reasons.

While the company did not reveal any other information regarding its 2019 flagship, it’s safe to assume that it will come packed with all the best specs. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset is definitely in the cards, alongside 8GB of RAM probably and 128GB or 256GB internal storage. As for the operating system, it’s already obvious that the Google Pixel 4 will run Android Q out of the box. Who knows, we might get the new operating system and the handset at the same time, sometime in August. That would certainly be a surprise but it would be a nice one, at least for Google fans. Then again, the company just released its budget phones and it wouldn’t make sense for it to launch a new device this soon.

Now that Google shared this info, we can expect other ones to surface soon. There might still be months to go before the official launch of the Google Pixel 4 but until then we can get a pretty clear image of the handset based on rumors, which often prove to be accurate.

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