Google Pixel 4 to feature Voice Recorder that transcribes recordings

Those who often use voice recordings that later need to be transcribed will be really happy to hear that the upcoming Google Pixel 4 features a Voice Recorder that will do that for them. Not only will the Voice recorder transcribe the content of the voice recordings, but it will also make them searchable, so users will be able to find words, music and even specific sounds within the recordings easily. This is not a feature that is a must-have for all smartphone users, however, it can prove to be extremely useful to reporters or scientists who usually record their activity. It saves a lot of time and the search feature turns it into a magical tool that helps users find exactly what they want without needing to read whole pages of content.

The feature was discovered by 9to5Google. After a closer look, the XDA team also discovered that the Voice Recorder of the Google Pixel 4 will also be able to recognize different sounds, like the ones of Applause, Bird, Cat, Didgeridoo, Dog, Knock, Laughter, Music, Rooster, Speech, Phone, and Whistling. The Voice Recorder allows users to directly upload the audio file (.m4a) and transcription (.txt) to Google Drive by long-pressing on a saved recording and then selecting “Save to Google Drive” in the menu. The one downside of the feature is that it currently only supports English as a transcription language. Hopefully, Google will soon add other languages too.

Google will announce its new handsets, Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL on October 15. Besides the new hardware, it is clear that the company also has some new apps and features to show off. It’s not quite clear yet whether the new Voice Recorder will only be supported by the new devices or older phones will get to use it too. Hopefully, it’s the latter variant. The new Voice Recorder really seems to be a useful app that could help the work of many smartphone users.

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