GravaStar – One of the coolest looking speakers you can imagine

A good speaker is a must-have gadget in every home. While in the past they all looked more or less the same, nowadays these little gadgets have become more and more attractive. Some of them are elegant, some have bolder designs. The GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker is one of the coolest-looking models I’ve seen lately. The alien-like device is rather small, with a spheric body and some interesting-looking supports that look like tiny feet. I almost wouldn’t be surprised if the speaker would start moving around in your room. Naturally, the design would mean nothing if the sound weren’t great. Thankfully it doesn’t disappoint either.

The GravaStar uses a 70mm speaker with a spherical diaphragm reproduces clear mids and crisp highs. The result is clear and smooth sound up to 20KHz. The bass driver is also quite powerful, at least for such a small gadget. The GravaStar is not the speaker you would like to organize a huge party with on the beach, but it is more than OK to have in your home at all times. It looks and sounds great, making it perfect for daily use. It may not be the best sounding devices available on the market, but its looks will definitely compensate for this, especially when the lights go on.

GravaStar is also a good option when you think of speakers that you can take with you on a trip. Due to its size and the fact that its battery can last for up to 30 hours on a single charge, it can be a good companion on a night spent in the garden, in the wild, or just out and about with friends. Thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, users can easily pair the GravaStar with their smartphones, computers or other Bluetooth gadgets. The speaker will play your favorite jams in a heartbeat, without spending too much time setting up the connection.


GravaStar is already in production, however, there is also an Indiegogo campaign through which those interested in the alien-like gadget can back the production process and help the developers deliver the device to as many homes as possible. If we are to consider the results of the campaign, as GravaStar already raised 3486% of the $10,000 Fixed Goal, it’s safe to assume that people already love it. This is no wonder, as this is indeed one of the coolest-looking Bluetooth speakers and it also sounds nice.

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