How to Adjust Media Volume on iPhone While on Call?

Ever found yourself on a call, and the background music is just…too loud? Like trying to have a conversation at a rock concert? If you’ve faced this issue on your iPhone, you’re not alone! Let’s dive into the world of iPhone settings and figure out how to balance your audio perfectly.

Understanding iPhone Volume Controls

Did you know that your iPhone has multiple volume controls? Think of it as the orchestra of a grand concert. Every instrument (or in this case, function) has its volume level:

  • Ringer Volume: Affects ringtone and notification sounds.
  • Media Volume: Influences music, videos, games, and apps.
  • Call Volume: Specifically for phone call audio.

Steps to Adjust Media Volume While on a Call

1. Initiate or Receive a Call: Begin by either making or receiving a phone call.

2. Unlock Your iPhone: Ensure your iPhone screen isn’t locked.

3. Access Control Center: Swipe down from the top right corner (for newer models) or swipe up from the bottom (for older models).

4. Locate the Volume Slider: This slider will adjust the media volume, not the call volume.

5. Slide to Adjust: Move the slider left to decrease or right to increase the volume.

And voila! You’ve now adjusted the media volume without affecting your call volume.

Alternate Methods

  • Physical Buttons: While on a call, pressing the volume up or down buttons on the side of your iPhone will adjust the call volume. However, if the media is playing, it’ll control the media volume.
  • Voice Control: Ask Siri to “adjust media volume” followed by your preferred level, e.g., “50%”.

Potential Issues and Troubleshooting

Not seeing changes? Here are potential reasons:

  • Media isn’t Playing: Ensure that media (like music or video) is playing while trying to adjust.
  • App-Specific Settings: Some apps have volume controls. Check app settings if the global change isn’t reflecting.

Tips for Optimal Listening Experience

  • Use Earphones: They often provide better volume control.
  • Mute When Necessary: If not listening to media, consider pausing or muting it.

Benefits of Adjusting Media Volume

  • Improved Call Quality: No more struggling to hear over loud media.
  • Save Battery: Less volume can mean a slight battery conservation.

Common Mistakes

  • Confusing Ringer with Media Volume: Remember the orchestra analogy? Ensure you’re adjusting the right ‘instrument’.

Expert Recommendations

  • Familiarize with Settings: Spend time understanding your iPhone’s sound settings.
  • Regular Updates: Ensure your iPhone OS is updated. This often fixes volume-related glitches.


Adjusting media volume on your iPhone while on a call doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. With these steps in your arsenal, you’re now equipped to ensure clear calls every time. So the next time you find yourself battling overpowering background tunes, you know just what to do!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I set a default volume for media when on a call?
No, iPhones currently don’t have a feature to set default media volumes specific to calls.

2. Why isn’t my volume slider visible in the control center during a call?
Ensure the media is playing. If it’s paused, the slider might control the call volume instead.

3. Can third-party apps affect media volume?
Yes, some apps have their volume settings. Adjust them within the app.

4. Will adjusting the media volume affect my alarm volume?
No, the alarm volume is linked with the ringer volume, not the media volume.

5. What’s the difference between call volume and media volume?
Call volume controls the voice you hear during calls. Media volume, on the other hand, controls audio from videos, music, games, and apps. Remember our orchestra analogy? Think of them as different instruments!

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