How To Use Facebook Marketplace To Sell?

Facebook Marketplace is the perfect platform to buy and sell items locally. With over 1 billion active users on Facebook, Marketplace gives you access to connect with buyers and sellers right in your own community.

Listing your unwanted items for sale on Marketplace is completely free and easy to do from your phone or desktop. By following some best practices, you can increase the chances of selling your item quickly and get some extra cash.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to successfully list items for sale on Facebook Marketplace to connect with local buyers. We’ll cover tips for taking appealing photos, writing an effective description, pricing your item strategically, and completing transactions smoothly. Let’s get started!

How to List an Item for Sale on Marketplace

Posting a new listing on Facebook Marketplace only takes a few minutes. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone or go to and log into your account.
  2. Tap on the Menu icon and select Marketplace. You can also find it in the left sidebar on desktop.
  3. Tap on the blue “Sell Something” button at the top.
  4. Select a category that best fits the item you’re selling. For example, choose “Furniture” for a used couch or “Electronics” for a TV.
  5. Upload multiple clear, well-lit photos showcasing your item from all angles. Take photos in good lighting against a clean background.
  6. Write an eye-catching title for your listing. Keep it concise and descriptive.
  7. In the description, include important details like brand name, dimensions, age, condition, flaws, etc. Be upfront about any defects. The more info you provide, the better.
  8. List the price you want to sell the item for. Make sure it’s competitive based on Marketplace listings for similar items.
  9. Enter your city and neighborhood under “Item location” so it appears for local buyers only.
  10. Add relevant keywords throughout the listing that users may search for.
  11. Select that you are only selling one quantity. You can edit this later if needed.
  12. Ensure the listing is marked as “Available” then click “Done” to publish it.

Once published, your Facebook Marketplace listing will be visible to users nearby. You can easily share it on your profile or in local groups too.

Tips for Taking Appealing Photos

Great photos are key to getting your Facebook Marketplace listings noticed and sold faster. Here are some photography tips:

  • Use natural lighting near a window or take photos outdoors on a bright day. Avoid shadows.
  • Take photos against a clean, simple background like a wall or tablecloth. Avoid clutter.
  • Capture multiple angles – front, back, sides, close-ups of any labels or markings. Get up close to show details.
  • For large items like furniture, get low and shoot from corners to showcase the entire piece.
  • Properly display clothing on hangers against a wall. Stuff pockets to avoid bulges.
  • Clean the item first to remove dust, fingerprints, etc. for a pristine look.
  • Use the auto-focus and grid overlay in your phone’s camera app to get crisp, straight photos.
  • Edit brightness, contrast, and color in your phone’s photos app if needed. But don’t overfilter.

With great photos, you can highlight the best attributes of your item to grab buyers’ attention.

Writing an Effective Listing Description

The description is where you can share all the important details a potential buyer needs to know about your item. Follow these tips for writing a compelling, honest description:

  • Lead with the brand name, product name/model, and general category.
  • List the key specs and dimensions. Include any serial numbers or product IDs.
  • Note the age, condition, and whether the item functions properly. Disclose any defects.
  • Use descriptive words like “gently used,” “mint condition,” “minor scratches,” etc.
  • Mention noteworthy features that set it apart and make it appealing.
  • Explain if batteries, cables, or other parts are included in the sale.
  • Say whether you have the original packaging and manuals.
  • Add any relevant facts about maintenance, repairs, or upgrades you’ve done.
  • Use keywords that a potential buyer may search for like the color, size, style, etc.

The right mix of details, keywords, and useful information will build trust and convince buyers your item is worth purchasing.

Pricing Items Strategically

Finding the optimal asking price is key to actually making sales on Facebook Marketplace. Here are some pricing tips:

  • Research prices for similar items currently listed in your local Marketplace. Consider condition, age, brand, and demand.
  • Compare prices on eBay and Craigslist to price competitively for your area.
  • Factor in how quickly you need the money and room the item is taking up. Price lower if you want a quick sale.
  • Remember that buyers expect better prices buying directly from sellers vs. retail stores.
  • Consider starting higher than your minimum acceptable price to leave room for negotiation. You can lower the price later if needed.
  • For higher-value items, look up the current resale value on sites like Kelley Blue Book or WorthPoint.
  • If you get lots of inquiries but no takers, drop the price incrementally until it sells.
  • For fast-selling items, consider starting with a low introductory price to spark interest.

Picking the right price takes some research and experimentation. The goal is to price it low enough to be a great deal yet high enough to earn you fair market value.

Completing Transactions Smoothly

Once you start getting inquiries from interested buyers, make sure you follow best practices for closing the sale and completing the transaction. Here are some tips:

  • Respond to messages within 24 hours, if not sooner. Serious buyers move on if sellers don’t reply promptly.
  • Be polite and professional in your communications. Don’t take lowball offers personally.
  • Suggest meeting at a public place like a coffee shop parking lot. This is safer than having strangers come to your home.
  • Consider accepting Facebook’s payment protection program for extra security. This holds the money until after delivery.
  • For in-person sales, bring a friend, meet during the day, and trust your instincts if anything seems off.
  • Accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, Facebook Pay, or your preferred digital payment method. Avoid checks.
  • Only mark the item sold once payment has been received to take down the listing.
  • Leave positive feedback for the buyer and ask them to do the same for you to build your reputation.

Being responsive and following safety measures will lead to smooth transactions and keep your Facebook Marketplace experience positive.

Boosting Visibility of Your Listings

The more eyeballs that see your Marketplace listing, the faster it will sell. Here are some tips for getting more exposure:

  • Share your listing in relevant local Facebook groups and ask admins first if it’s allowed.
  • Ask friends to share your listing on their own Marketplace or News Feed.
  • Promote your listing on your personal Facebook page and Instagram account.
  • Run a Marketplace ad campaign for only a few dollars per day to reach more local users.
  • Repost the listing with a discounted price every few days to get it in front of fresh eyes.
  • Use clear, eye-catching photos and an appealing description to grab attention as people scroll.
  • Engage with comments and questions from potential buyers to keep your listing active.

Driving traffic to your listings will make them stand out amid the competition and get your item sold faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace:

How much does it cost to sell on Marketplace?

Listing and selling items on Facebook Marketplace is completely free – there are no listing fees, insertion fees, or sale commissions. The only possible fees are if you choose to use Facebook’s payment protection program for transactions.

Can I negotiate prices with buyers on Marketplace?

Absolutely. Haggling is expected on Marketplace just like other peer-to-peer platforms. Price your items slightly above your minimum acceptable amount to leave room for back-and-forth negotiating.

Is it safe to meet Marketplace buyers in person?

Yes, if you take proper safety precautions like meeting in a public place during the day. Trust your instincts and bring a friend if you feel uncertain. Don’t hesitate to report any threatening behavior.

What’s the best way to get paid when selling on Marketplace?

For optimal security, accept digital payments through Facebook Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or another app. Avoid checks from strangers which can bounce. Only accept cash from buyers you are comfortable with.

How should I handle pickup and delivery?

For bulky items, offer pickup only and arrange to complete the transaction when the buyer comes to get it. For smaller items, delivery is fine but get paid before handing over the item.


Facebook Marketplace is the ideal platform for buying and selling items locally. As long as you price competitively, write detailed listings, take great photos, and communicate politely with buyers, you can expect a smooth experience.

Listing your unwanted items for sale is completely free and takes just a few minutes to get your items in front of buyers in your area. Following this guide will help you use Facebook Marketplace successfully to earn extra cash and declutter your life!

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