HyperDisk: The Smallest and Fastest Portable SSD now live on Kickstarter

Our devices have more and more internal storage with every generation. Even so, we often find ourselves in a situation where all the disk space proves to be insufficient for what we need. For these cases, we have backup solutions, such as external drives or portable SSD. The HyperDisk promises to be the smallest and fastest portable SSD and it is now the object of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It already managed to raise its funding, so we will most likely see it hit the shelves sometime next year. To be more exact, the developing company estimates that the gadget will start shipping as soon as January 2020 to the backers of the project and soon after that the device should also become available for purchase for the general public.


The HyperDisk is a really small device, however, it is also quite powerful. The portable SSD offers 1,000MB/s transfer speed, it only weighs 45 grams, and it is supposedly smaller than a credit card, and it comes in three variants, including 512GB, 1TB or 2TB storage. The gadget is compatible with iPad, Mac, and Windows computers, and it also works with Android devices, according to the developers. The device connects to other gadgets through their Lightning or USB-C ports, or with the use of a special adapter. Naturally, the transfer speeds depend a lot on the host’s speed, but in every case, the data transfer is quick and seamless.

HyperDisk comes in two color variants, white or black. Both of them look great and both are equally small and easy to carry around. As usual, those who back the project can get one or several of these gadgets for special prices. While the estimated retail price of the device will be around $199, those who choose t back the project in the next month or so can get one of these little things for only $85. This is the price to pay for the 512GB variant. The 1TB variant is available for Kickstarter backers for $118, and those who opt for the 2TB variant need to back the project with $188 or more. This is still less than half of the amount customers will need to pay once the gadget hits the shelves, as the retail price of the gadget will be $459.

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