iPhone 11 models get a new camera setup design

Apple is not the company that awes us with major design changes with every new generation. Until the iPhone X, the majority of iPhones looked pretty much the same, with minor changes here and there. Lately, the company seems to have changed its policy a little bit and we actually see design changes from one model to the other. On the front, given the fact that the new smartphone models are mainly all-screen, there is not too much to tinker with. Probably this is why the changes come in the primary camera setup’s design nowadays. The iPhone 11 models all seem to come with a square camera bump on the back, instead of the vertically aligned lenses.

No one has seen the actual iPhone 11 models yet, but there are molds of the devices that clearly show the square camera bumps on the back cover of the handsets, that were made public by Mark Gurman on Twitter. These confirm the renders OnLeaks already shared with the world. While the leakster is quite famous already for the accuracy of their info, physical evidence always goes the extra mail when it comes to rumors. Apple will reportedly launch three new models this year, all of them sporting the same square bump in the right upper corner of the back cover.

According to the shapes on the molds, we can expect two models with three lenses on the back, and a lower priced (probably XR) model with only two cameras, placed in the same square bump. The iPhones usually had great cameras, so we expect nothing less from the upcoming models. Other smartphone manufacturer giants boosted their camera setups quite significantly this year, so we might just see the Cupertino-based company do exactly the same. An upgrade in the camera section is in the cards, and the leaked molds seem to confirm the company’s intentions to line the new iPhone up with other flagships and deliver devices with amazing cameras.

Naturally, we can expect changes not only in the number and resolution of the cameras but also in the image processing areas. The results will most likely be images with even more details and amazingly realistic colors.

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