iPhone 11 will probably be a lot less popular than the 2020 model

By this time of the year, everyone is already eagerly waiting for the Apple smartphones to launch. Unfortunately, according to many, this year we are waiting mostly in vain, as the iPhone 11 will definitely not be as popular as other models were. Especially since renders of the 2020 Apple flagship leaked, everyone seems to hate this year’s model. New reports have confirmed the rumors regarding the design of the iPhone 11, based on a couple of smartphone cases that leave no doubt regarding the camera system’s design and the thickness of the upcoming Apple smartphones.

According to popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro), the iPhone 11 will be quite a hefty smartphone, with thicker bodies than we were used to seeing this year, and a camera bulge that will most likely make a lot of people unhappy. Apple usually doesn’t make huge design changes from one year to another, and now that it did, it may have been a big mistake. Of course, many believe that the poor design is due to the fact that the company’s head designer, Jonathan Ive, recently left the company. It’s not quite clear whether the designer left because of the upcoming smartphone’s camera’s shady design, but it’s safe to assume that it did have something to do with him leaving.

Renders of what the 2020 iPhone will probably look like

The iPhone 11 could still remain with some dignity if renders of the 2020 device did not leak. Unfortunately for the 11, they did, and they showed a beautiful smartphone, with an elegant and modern design, so it’s safe to assume that after seeing those images, many will choose to wait until that model launches in 2020. Of course, there are always those who just have to have the latest iPhone models and change them yearly, so the iPhone 11 will definitely not remain on the shelves either. It just might not be as popular as other models were and some people will prefer to wait for its successor.

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