iPhone XR 2019 will have a new camera setup

Apple launched three new devices last year and everyone loved the fact that there were several models to choose from. The company will supposedly go the same way this year too, offering three devices, one model for every pocket. Naturally, we can expect some improvements, and it seems that one of them will consist of a new camera setup for the iPhone XR 2019. Last year’s model came with a single main camera, however, according to the latest reports, the 2019 model will sport a telephoto lens besides the original main camera.

To be more exact, according to Chinese sources, the iPhone XR 2019 will sport a camera setup very similar to the one we’ve seen in the iPhone XS and XS Ma last year. The new model will come with a 12MP main camera, just lie in 2018, but the company will pair this with a 12MP telephoto lens this time around. The secondary camera will also get a boost, as it will reportedly make a jump from the 7MP lens of last year’s device to a 12MP one. Last year’s model already too really nice pictures, so the improvement will definitely excite photo enthusiasts even more.

It’s safe to assume that there won’t be any significant changes in the design of the devices this year but we might see tiny differences compared to the 2018 models. Other than this, we can expect 5G models, new software features, possibly larger batteries, and overall better user experience. There still are a few months to go before Apple launches its new devices but we are eagerly waiting for them already. The iPhones usually are high-quality smartphones and we don’t expect anything less this year either.

Up until now, the iPhone XR is one of the best-selling smartphones of the year. Seeing the improvements Apple is planning to bring to its device it’s safe to assume that it will keep being one of the most popular smartphones net year too. That is, of course, if another smartphone manufacturer doesn’t blow our minds with an even greater model. New devices are in the works, so it’s not completely impossible for someone to finally come up with something really stunning.

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