Litmor Battery Cam keeps an eye on your home when you are not there

Security cameras have become a lot more popular nowadays, even so, they are still a little pricey. Litmor developed a more affordable wireless security camera that always keeps an eye on your home when you are not there. The gadget is really easy to set up and use and it even looks rather nice with its spheric body. Naturally, the looks would be worth nothing if there were no brains to go with them, and thankfully the Litmor Battery Cam also has some great features users will absolutely love.

First of all, the Litmor Battery Cam is, as its name suggests, a wireless camera that works with its own battery. Thanks to this, setting it up is as simple as it gets. Users only need to decide where to place it, fix the camera’s mount and then place the little sphere in it. Basically, anyone can do it so users don’t need to spend an additional sum only for setting up the security camera. Some might think that changing the battery constantly will be a nag, however, the battery of the Litmor Battery Cam can last for up to a year on a single charge, so charging it won’t pose a problem.

The Litmor Battery Cam can record crystal clear 1080p HD images both during the day and during the day and in the night time. The images are stored on the device’s microSD card so users don’t need a server or a company to store them for them. Those are a few costs that are now unnecessary, so the maintenance of the security camera is not going to turn the affordable gadget into a pricey investment later on. The camera features AI technology and it can recognize people, cars, and animals. Whenever it detects a new face around your home, it will notify you through the Litmor App. The same app also allows users to watch the liver footage, listen to what is happening and even interact with the people at the gates.

One might believe that the Litmor Battery Cam is extremely easy to steal due to its simple mounting system. They couldn’t be more wrong. The security cam has an anti-theft alarm that will go on every time someone unauthorized tries to dismount the gadget. The siren has a 106dB sound intensity so it will definitely discourage thieves from attempting to steal it again. The device works both with Alexa and Google Home, so the users can easily interact with the security camera in order to keep things always surveilled.

While its main purpose is to act like a security camera that keeps an eye on your home, the Litmor Battery Cam is also perfect for businesses and even to take with you on trips. It does its job magnifically in any scenery. The gadget is now the object of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Those who back the project with sums starting from $49 can get one of these useful gadgets. For $99 backers can have two security cameras, and for $229 they will get a special pack that contains no less than 5 of these cameras. The project is already fully-funded so the devices will most likely reach their first users as soon as September.

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