Lumi raised more than $1 million on Kickstarter

People love music. The success of Lumi on Kickstarter definitely proves it. The gadget, which is basically a keyboard that has keys that light up when users need to strike them managed to raise more than $1 million on Kickstarter, a sit is the object of a crowdfunding campaign. The initial goal was set for $126,725, which means that it wasn’t only achieved, it was multiplied more than ten times.  More than 5,000 persons backed the project, so we can state that Lumi is, indeed, a success story. But what does it really do? It helps people learn to play music in a fun and easy way.

Playing the piano is something that many people would like to know how to do. Unfortunately, in order to master this art, one normally needs to study for long years. Lumi comes to drastically shorten this period and it allows users to learn how to play music without the help of a teacher. One will probably not necessarily become a globally known artist only with the help of Lumi, but it is definitely able to ensure a great time and also teach people a few things about music fundamentals and to play their favorite songs.

Lumi looks a lot like a toy piano, but it is a lot more to it, actually. The device is quite small, with two octave- range, however, those who want to have the true piano experience can connect several gadgets and have more keys. What makes the Lumi especially attractive is the fact that its keys light up. Thanks to the ROLI Brightkey™ technology used in the device, this is, according to the manufacturers at least, the brightest keyboard ever made. This way, the lights and colors are visible even in sunshine. Due to its size, the gadget is portable, so it is actually important for it to be visible in sunlight too.

Even though it looks like a toy, Lumi is, in fact, suitable for any kind of user, from kids to grown-ups and it is even great for musicians, who don’t need the keys to light up to know to strike them. It is a fun and entertaining device that also teaches users something while they are having fun. The Lumi keys itself allows users to play music, but the app that comes with the device is the one that makes the experience truly fun. It allows users to learn how to play music at their own pace, and they can start from whatever stage they are in, from beginners to more advanced stages.

The app offers access to a great number of songs and helps users play them. Basically, the keys that need to be stricken light up, and the user knows what to do next. Even though it might seem over simplistic, it is actually great for users to learn how to play without even noticing. The gadget is perfect for those who don’t yet know the music notes too, and later on, they can easily learn how to read complex music sheets too. No wonder it impressed so many people.

Those who back the project on Kickstarter can get their hands on one of these little instruments for less than $200. There are special combos available also, with multiple devices and cases. You can check out all Lumi can do on Kickstarter.  

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