Lupe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner gets more than $500K funding on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is the place where dreams come to become true… or die. In the case of the Lupe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, it seems that the former is the case, not the latter, thankfully. The cordless vacuum cleaner managed to gather more than half a million US dollars, over 420,000 GB pounds, and there still are 14 days to go until the crowdfunding campaign ends, so we might just see the gadget raise close to a million dollars after all. Is a vacuum cleaner really worth the investment? More than 1,300 backers seem to agree.

What makes the Lupe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner different from other devices of this kind is that it promises to deliver the same results as regular vacuum cleaners do. There are other cordless devices on the market, however, the designers and manufacturers of Lupe swear that this is the best cordless vacuum cleaner ever made. Having the freedom to move around in the house without needing to constantly move from one socket to another is, indeed, a great thing. Also, the Lupe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a simple and modern design with only the necessary components, so it is easy to carry around and thanks to its many accessories, it should be able to perform perfectly in every room of your home or office.

Thanks to its battery, the Lupe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can work for an entire hour without users needing to recharge it. This should be enough time for the majority of people to clean their whole home. Lupe features a new, patented Suction Intensifier Technology due to which, according to the developers, it is perfect for cleaning hair and deep-down dirt from carpets, but it also works miracles on hard floors. Thanks to its unique format, this particular cordless vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning efficiently the smallest corners of the home. It is also easy to use when you need to vacuum in ones which are set above your head, due to its extensible pipe.

The developers of the cordless vacuum cleaner didn’t only focus on power and efficiency. They also delivered a device that is eco-friendly too, as it is fully serviceable, so users won’t need to throw it out at the first sign of weakness. Kickstarter backers get a special 7-year warranty on the product, which suggests that the manufacturer really believes in the quality and durability of its device.

The retail price of the Lupe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner will reportedly be around $499, or 460 GB pounds. However, those who back the project on Kickstarter can get one when pledging $453 or more. In case you would like to own one of these babies, you can check out everything it can do and has to offer here.

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