MetaFly – the bionic creature that looks and moves like a living one

Having and flying a drone is a lot of fun. It allows users to work on their coordination skills and enjoy nature at the same time. The only thing that can be more awesome than this is flying a bionic creature that looks like a living one. The MetaFly is exactly this: a bionic flying creature that looks and moves naturally. Instead of just having propellers, it has wings that look so natural that in the wild you could almost confuse it with a bird. It is cool and natural and elegant at the same time.

Even though the MetaFly is a brand new bionic creature, it had a predecessor too, developed by the foregoers of the person who launched the MetaFly on Kickstarter this year. The first bionic creature was a bird, the TIM. The MetaFly looks even more natural, it moves gracefully, and it will certainly impress a lot of tech heads. As a matter of fact, it already did, as there still are 8 days to go before the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign ends and the MetaFly project is already 1,879%funded. The bionic creature raised more than half a million euros, which is quite an achievement.

One might think that the MetaFly has no actual purpose besides looking great. This is partially true, as it doesn’t come with a camera, as the majority of drones do nowadays.  Even so, it’s a great gadget that people will love flying around. It moves so naturally, that it is a pleasure just to watch it fly. Controlling it is even better. While the MetaFly is perfectly capable of flying indoors, as it is easy to control, it works and looks best out in the field.

The MetaFly looks more like a bug, not a bird. It has wings that look incredibly delicate, like the ones we can see on bugs, but they are also quite powerful as they are capable of keeping the MetaFly in the air. The low weight/ wing area of the gadget allows it to fly seamlessly. The design of the wings enables the bionic creature to move around easily, to quickly turn and overall to look natural. The controller allows users to switch between fast and slow speeds. Thanks to the aforementioned special wings, even in fast speed, the creature is easy to control so users won’t have any problems in avoiding furniture and such when flying the MetaFly indoors.

MetaFly indoors

According to developer Edwin Van Ruymbeke, the retail price of the MetaFly will be $129. Those who take advantage of the Kickstarter crowdfunding can have one for a little more than half this price. To be more exact, the early bird price of the MetaFly is $69. Those who won’t be able to pledge this sum today can still get the bionic creature for $79. For this amount, they will get their creature and the controller. Those who choose to back the project with larger sums, starting from $89 to $309 or more can get their hands on up to 4 MetaFlies, their controllers, and MetaFly upgrade kits. These contain an extra limited edition set of wings and tail and a 1,500mAh power bank.

The bionic creature can fly for about 8 minutes on a single charge. This is not a lot, however, users can charge it on the spot with the help of power banks. The 1,500mAh power bank that comes with the upgrade kit is able to charge the MetaFly 20 times before needing a recharge itself. This means you can fly the beautiful beast for quite a while with short pauses while you recharge the creature. If everything goes according to plans, the device will enter mass production in July and start flying out to backers as soon as September.

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