Morus Zero – the tumble dryer that fits in any home

Everyone likes clean clothes and we especially love them when they are ready to wear in as little time as possible. For this, we need washing machines and tumble dryers. Unfortunately, some of us just don’t have the necessary space to store both a washing machine and a dryer and it is always easier to give up on the dryer than on the washing machine so we opt for the latter. For us, who struggle with space, Morus developed its countertop tumble dryer, the cute little Morus Zero.

The device is only as big as a microwave oven so it fits in any home, really. The small vacuum tumble dryer has a modern, cool design, so users don’t even have to try hiding it in the apartment, they can actually leave it on the countertop. Of course, it won’t dry as many clothes at a time as the traditional tumble dryers, but it will certainly do the trick for your daily outfits. The gadget can dry clothes in as little as 15 minutes. This is really important if you have a busy life and doing laundry is always a nag. While you take a shower, your clothes are ready to wear so you can just walk out your home.

While the size and design of the Morus Zero already recommend it as being a useful gadget to own, it has some other great features too. First of all, it consumes less energy than regular dryers do. According to the developers, it saves up to 40% of your energy consumption. Also, it performs low-temperature drying, so your clothes won’t get any heat damage while drying. As if this weren’t enough, the built-in UV sterilization of the Morus Zero effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria during the ultrafast drying time.

The Morus Zero is incredibly easy to use. After plugging it in and hitting the start button, users don’t really have to do anything more. The device features a moisture sensor system that automatically turns off the device when it can’t detect any more moisture in the fabrics. The developers also state that the Morus Zero will deliver wrinkle-free clothes due to its three high-performance motors inside, one of which is used to drive the drum to rotate independently. The direction, speed, and acceleration of the tumble are all precisely controlled, so the clothes are dried evenly and with fewer wrinkles, than they would be by a traditional dryer.

Morus Zero colors

Currently, the Morus Zero is the object of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. Those who back the project can have one of these little gadgets, in Chalk White or  Lava Gray for a special, $299 price. The retail price of the tumble dryer will reportedly be around $550, so those who would seriously like to have one of these little helpers should consider backing the project before the crowdfunding campaign ends. The company already raised more than its intended goal so it’s safe to assume that the device will actually enter mass production this year. If you want to know more about the Morus Zero, you can check it out here.

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