Motorola RAZR flip phone to launch on November 13

This was definitely the year of foldable phones of all kinds. Samsung finally launched its Samsung Galaxy Fold, and Huawei’s Mate X is also coming soon. The next handset to join the lineup seems to be the Motorola RAZR flip phone which is not quite the other two, but it still is a foldable phone in a reinvented shape. Rumors regarding the handset surfaced a while back, however, now we have a launch date too. The company sent out press invites for an event that will take place on November 13 in Los Angeles. The press invite received by Android Central contains a GIF that shows the transformation of an old flip phone into a truly modern one.

The Motorola RAZR flip phone will not be like the previous foldable phones, as it doesn’t fold horizontally, instead, it opens up vertically, just like old flip phones did. The result is mainly the same, a larger display that users can benefit from when watching videos and playing games. Another thing that is quite different in the case of the RAZR phone is that the unfolded screen will be only a 6.2-inches one. It basically did exactly the opposite as Samsung and Huawei and instead of turning a regular size smartphone into a lot larger device, it turns a smaller folded handset into a normal size one when unfolded. Of course, for those who like really huge displays, this is a downside but for those who like to have a normal size screen but still wish to fit their device in their pocket, it’s the perfect solution.

Surprisingly, Motorola did not equip its modern flip phone with high-end hardware. Rumor has it that the Motorola RAZR flip phone will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset, 4GB or 6GB of RAM and 64GB to 128GB internal storage. The battery will be a 2,730mAh one, which seems to be a little small at first glance but it is actually a decent size, at least if we compare the upcoming Motorola device to the recent Google Pixel 4, which has a similar battery but a lot more powerful SoC.

Foldable phones are quite expensive, so there is no surprise when it comes to the pricing of the Motorola RAZR flip phone. The handset is rumored to cost at least $1,500, possibly even more. Of course, if we look at the specs, it’s hard to imagine that many people will go for it. There are always nostalgic smartphone users, but nostalgia might not be enough to make them purchase this particular smartphone model. There is less than a month to go until the official launch date of the RAZR, so we will probably hear a lot more about it in the upcoming weeks. Maybe it has some pleasant surprises for us, after all.

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