Mudita Pure proves that some people still like minimalist phones

Smartphones nowadays are more powerful than the first PCs we owned back in the days. They have more beautiful displays, more memory and work a lot faster and easier than the computers used to two decades ago. Even though we rely on them on a daily basis and the majority of us use them all the time, it seems that some people would still like to own a minimalist phone that doesn’t offer all the distractions a smartphone does. The Mudita Pure already raised more than 200% of its intended funding on Kickstarter, coming from more than 750 backers.

As its name suggests, the Mudita Pure is a really minimalistic phone. It only enables users to make and take calls and text messages. There is no internet connection, no apps, no distractions, only a pure phone. While this might seem exaggerated to some of us, to many people it can be a blessing sometimes not having to deal with all the extra disruptions smartphones cause in our lives. Of course, it can mean that Mudita Pure users will have a poorer social life, but it can also mean that have a life full of actual contact, not just online ones. Even though the device doesn’t have an internet connection, it can be used as an external GSM modem, so users can connect their laptops to the internet with the help of the Mudita Pure.

The design of the handset is really minimalistic. It actually looks a lot like a rather primitive dummy, but it still does its job. The phone has an E-ink display that looks rather odd due to its white color, and a classic design, with a keyboard consisting of the number keys, a button that allows users to go through the menu of the phone, and two additional buttons. On the side of the device, there is a physical slider that allows users to easily switch between Connected, Do Not Disturb, and Offline modes. The handset supports two SIM cards, so users can use one device to carry both their personal and their work SIM at the same time.

The developers of Mudita Pure clearly have the users’ tranquility in mind when they designed the phone. They even added a Meditation Timer to the handset, which enables users to customize their session lengths and has a pleasant gong sound to let them know the session is over. Users can even check out their meditation statistics inside their Desktop App.

Overall, the Mudita Pure comes to simplify the lives of its users and protect them from the information flow which is, in many cases, overwhelming and unnecessary. It aims to let users have more fun in real life instead of spending their time browsing the internet and get distracted all the time. It’s not a tool to use when your job needs you to stay connected at all times, however, it can be the perfect gadget for those who would like to have a little peace of mind and a simpler life.

The downside of the Mudita Pure is its price tag. Even though the handset only offers the essentials, it has a surprisingly high price. On Kickstarter, backers can get one of these devices for $258, however, the retail price of the handset will be $369 when it hits the market in 2020.

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