Mylo, the companion robot, can save people’s lives

Companion robots have been around for a while now, however, they don’t seem to get the attention they deserve. In certain situations, these gadgets can even save lives and in all the situations, they can ease the solitude of their owners. Mylo is one of the companion robots that promise to do a lot for its users. The monitoring companion robot isn’t only there for the elderly or sick to have something move around their homes, it can actually save their lives in case of need by alerting the ambulance or the family.

Mylo doesn’t have a really intricate design, instead, the developers went for a simple design, which looks a little like the body of a vacuum cleaner and gave it a face that reminds people of a cat. While Mylo can prove to be a great asset in many homes, it was primarily designed for people with dementia, with the intention to help them retain their independence and not having to depend on other people or move into care facilities. By having a robot monitoring them, people can stay home and live their lives as normally as possible, reducing the stress they normally feel due to their illness.

While Mylo is not necessarily a companion to have great talks with, it can make a difference in case of home accidents and more. The companion robot can sense a fall, locate his user within the home and, if necessary, initiate an emergency response protocol. Also, Mylo comes with a watch, which monitors the users’ heart rate and transmits the data directly to the robot. This way, it can sense immediately if something is wrong and trigger an emergency video call response to the primary contact so that the primary contact can assess and react to the user in real-time. By taking control of Mylo, primary contacts can ‘be with’ a user during an emergency until first responders arrive.


Wandering around is also a problem often encountered in the case of people who live with dementia. While Mylo will not be able to actually retain them, it can alert the family members when the person it cares for passes the virtual boundaries set. Naturally, the virtual boundaries can be set however the users want them to, in order to not create a sense of entrapment for the person cared for with the help of Mylo.

Other features that turn Mylo into a great companion robot are the capability to make and receive video calls, the fact that it can record video, so that family members can make sure their loved ones were not subjects of abuse and the fact that Mylo is capable of reminding users to take their medications, eat their meals, respect their doctor’s appointments and more.

At this time, Mylo is not available for purchase, however, its developers launched a Kickstarter campaign, with the intention to first launch the robot in Ireland and then let it reach every person in the world that needs it. Unfortunately, it seems that Mylo won’t be exactly affordable, with its approximate retail price of $9.500, however, those who would like for it to go into mass production can still back the project with smaller sums and let the developers make the magic happen. You can check out Mylo here and see all that it can do.

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