Narwal gets the cleaning done all by itself

Many of us would give anything for our homes to have an auto-clean button so we don’t have to spend a lot of time vacuuming, mopping, and such. Unfortunately, there is no such thing just yet, but there is the Narwal Robot Mop & Vacuum that does the cleaning of the floors all by itself, and this is quite great for now. The sympathetic gadget doesn’t only handle the vacuuming and mopping, it also has a self-cleaning feature that allows users to just enjoy their free time and not worry about the cleaning or the robot.

The Narwal Robot Mop& Vacuum has a modern design and due to its rather small size, it doesn’t use up a lot of space. Users just need to place the robot’s base station in a place where it doesn’t stand in their way and the gadget will do its magic. Of course, the two-bucket system that separates waste water from clean water needs a cleaning from time to time, but this is considerably easier to do than actually cleaning the floor. The Narwal Robot Mop& Vacuum has a unique mop system with self-cleaning technology, so it is able to wash, rinse and dry the mops automatically. This way, users don’t have to worry about the robot actually dirtying the floors instead of cleaning them if they forget to wash the mops, as they should with other similar devices.

The little helper automatically knows when it is time to return to base and it does just that, so its mops get cleaned in due time. It is also smart enough to continue the work from where it left it and not return to the same areas it already visited when it is not necessary. The fact that the Narwal Robot Mop & Vacuum features a self-cleaning system is already great, but what is even better is that it doesn’t only push or drag the cleaning fabric around, taking dirt even forward, instead, it has two rounded triangle spin mops so it easily captures fine dust and removes stains.

The Narwal Robot Mop& Vacuum, as its name suggests, is also capable of vacuuming. The gadget comes with a 1800Pa motor and it has immense suction pressure, so the robot can easily clean dust, dirt, pet hair and crumbles. Due to its size, the robot can reach every corner so there will remain no dirt on the floor. While the robot seems to do all work just fine by itself, users can adjust the cleaning settings, customize the cleaning strategy of the gadget and monitor the cleaning status with the help of the Narwal Robotics APP. Naturally, they can do this from wherever they are. Users can even set no-go zones, and the robot will respect their wishes and leave those zones untouched.

Given its features, it’s no wonder that the Narwal Robot Mop& Vacuum was already fully funded on Kickstarter, even though there still are 17 days to go before the fundraising campaign ends. The backers of the project can get their hands on one of these gadgets if they pledge at least $549 for the cause. Those who want to have this device in their bed& breakfast, for example, can pledge $4,941 or more and get 10 Narwal Robots to clean their spaces. According to the developing team, the robot will start shipping in September.

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