New Google Home device could be coming our way

Gadget manufacturers never sleep. All the companies are constantly working on developing and delivering brand new devices. Google is no exception from the rule and it seems the tech giant is currently working on a new Google Home device. The mysterious gadget turned up in an FCC filing that identifies the product as a media device. The model number, H2B, clearly suggests that this is the upcoming member of the Google Home family. Previous devices all had similar model numbers.

Unfortunately, the filing doesn’t unveil too many details regarding the new media device. It does mention that the gadget comes with a 3.8V lithium-ion battery, so it’s safe to assume that we are looking at a portable, wireless device. Of course, it is also possible that it isn’t a portable device, and Google only thought about equipping its new Google Home gadget with a security measure for outages, as a backup plan. The fact that the listing fails to mention the word “video” could mean that this device doesn’t feature a screen, as all the ones that did until now came with this mention. Whether we are to expect a smart speaker or another base station for some kind of gadget is unclear.

According to reports, the FCC is going to be free to release the full details regarding what is most likely a new Google Home device on November 29. By then, we will probably know everything there is to know about this gadget. Either Google will unveil it before that date or the tech giant will decide not to go on with the project and so the information will become useless. Google Home devices have become quite popular, however, Amazon still seems to do better with the Echo devices, so the tech giant certainly needs to step up its game in order to win the war.

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