Newyes obtains more than 1,100% funding on Kickstarter

Tablets have come a long way ever since they first made their appearance on the market. They evolved into e-book readers and now we can easily use them as notebooks too, to write in them with our actual handwriting. The Newyes is probably one of the most interesting devices of this kind. At least the fact that it already obtained more than 1,100% of the funding it needed on Kickstarter suggests that. The manufacturing company only aimed for a $5,000 goal and the project already raised more than $57,000 on the crowdfunding platform. There still are 26 days to go until the campaign ends, so the numbers could go a lot higher.

The Newyes looks a lot like any other tablet, yet it is not one, it’s, as its developers say, a paperless, digitized notebook set, made up by a tablet, a smartpen, and a traditional notebook. Taking notes or drawing sketches on the screen of the Newyes is incredibly easy and smooth with the help of the special pen. The Newyes instantly mirrors the content on the user’s smartphone or pad and it also stores it on the cloud. This way, great ideas will never get lost. The Newyes Syncpen also works on traditional paper.  It has a specially designed algorithm with a unique microdot pattern and a built-in camera that captures the exact location of everything the user writes or draws.

The Syncpen transmits all the data from the camera that records 200 frames per second via Bluetooth 4.2. Thanks to the 1024 pressure levels, the pen allows users to perfectly sketch whatever they want and then store it on the cloud. Another great thing about this smartpen is that it turns on automatically when you start writing or drawing and it turns off automatically when it is not used. This way, it saves battery life. The pen can work for up to 8 hours on a single charge and it only takes users an hour and a half to fully charge it.

Naturally, there is also a free app that allows users to save their content in the format they want to and store it on their gadgets or the cloud. With the help of the app, users can not only take notes by writing them down, but they can also make audio recordings and attach them to their sketches or notes.  Also, the smartpen recognizes 71 languages so it can easily turn handwritten text into editable one. Users can also easily share the content they create with others through social media and more.

Knowing all this, it’s no wonder that the gadget got funded this fast. For only $109 backers of the project can get a Newyes Syncpen, an E-tablet, and a Notebook set, available for starters in blue and black color combination. Since the project reached its goal, it will also become available in red and silver. Pledging $199 gets backers a duo pack and those who want to invest more in the project can get more items for special prices. The early bird Newyes is all gone, as there were 100 units available for only $89. If everything goes according to plan, the sets will start shipping sometime in July.

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