Nomu M8 is probably the only smartphone with antibacterial protection

We probably all know by now that our smartphones carry more bacteria than a regular toilet seat. Unfortunately, since these handsets seem to have become a part of us in the last few years, we carry them with us everywhere and we touch them at all times. Even though the majority of us frequently wash hands, it’s not the case with our smartphones. We might sometimes wipe them with a towel, but that happens a lot more rarely than it should. This is why Nomu equipped its latest rugged phone, the Nomu M8, with an antibacterial glass that protects users from getting all kinds of nasty bacteria on their hands from their smartphone.

The Nomu M8 is surprisingly thin for such a rugged device. The smartphone has ultra-rugged, Military Standard certifications, IP68, and IP69K protection levels, and it is, normally, dustproof and shatterproof. While the majority of rugged phones are quite bulky, the Nomu M8 is only 9.7mm thick and it looks pretty much like any other regular smartphone on the market. It weighs around 200g, so it’s not only slim, it’s lightweight too. The handset’s display is a 5.2-inch one, which might be considered a bit little by some smartphone users, however, there are some of us who still appreciate a handset that can easily fit into our pockets and we don’t need to get our bags with us at all times only to carry our smartphones in it.

The smartphone features an MTK6750T octa-core CPU, which is paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage. It is definitely not a premium device, but it can get things done and users don’t have to always take care not to scratch or break it. The antibacterial coating of the handset should also be worth something, and the fact that it is an affordable smartphone only adds to its value. As for the other feature that is of interest to the majority of smartphone users, the Nomu M8 sports two 21MP cameras, one on the back and one on the front. Unfortunately, it is only capable of 720p recording.

Another thing that is a little disappointing is the fact that the Nomu M8 runs Android 7 out of the box. This is, indeed, quite an old version of the operating system. Also, it’s highly likely that it won’t get any software updates.  However, for those who don’t care too much about the operating system or the cameras, the Nomu M8 could be the perfect smartphone.

The Nomu M8 is quite affordable, as customers can purchase it for only $199 right now. The original retail price of the handset is $325. That is a little higher, but when you take into consideration that you don’t have to spend any more money on a case and protective screen, it might even be worth its full price. One thing we must admit: there aren’t too many smartphones on the market with antibacterial glass. That should count for something.

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