Norm Glasses get 3000% funding on Kickstarter

Smart glasses did not become as popular as some would have anticipated, even so, there is a high interest in them all over the world. The fact that Norm Glasses raised more than 3000% of their intended goal on Kickstarter only supports this. At first glance, the Norm Glasses look like any other pair of glasses. Yet, they are so much more. The smart glasses can help users make and receive calls, read, listen or reply to messages, take pictures, record videos, watch videos, read and send emails, listen to music, and more.

Norm glasses

The design of the Norm Glasses is simple and modern, so it will look great on basically everyone. The glasses are suitable for men and women alike and the different genders will also enjoy them equally. The smart glasses are extremely easy to operate, despite their great number of features. Users can activate the functions of the smart glasses via voice commands, the touch panel on the temple, and it supports head gestures. There is even a companion app users can operate the smart glasses with. Users can operate the smart glasses in the most convenient way, without needing to tinker too much with the gadget in order to get it started.

The Norm Glasses work on an Android-based system, so its functionalities can basically be infinitely extended with apps. The Norm even supports integration with voice platforms such as Alexa, so their functionalities are available to you anywhere the users go. The glasses pair with smartphones via Bluetooth, so keeping up with everything is going on is extremely easy. Due to the excellent image quality, unobtrusive eyebox and 20° field of view, users can see the digital content with ease and enjoyment, even under bright sunshine. The use of voice and gesture control turns this gadget into one of the best devices one could hope for.

Those who normally use glasses don’t have to worry at all. The Norm Glasses are available with tinted, transition, polarized or clear lenses with or without a prescription. Of course, those who opt for the prescription lenses will need to cover the costs themselves. The retail price of the Norm Glasses will be $449, which is not exactly cheap, however, if we are to consider all the features and functions of the smart glasses, they are most likely worth every last cent.

The Norm Glasses will start shipping in March 2020. The project already reached its goal, so there should be no delay in the release normally. Users will definitely enjoy everything the smart glasses have to offer and they will be able to do it only in a few months. If you would like to find out more about the smart glasses or back the project, you can check them out here.

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