ONE Mini could finally erase the language barriers we encounter when traveling

Thankfully, traveling is a lot easier and more affordable nowadays. If we plan ahead, we can buy airplane tickets for sums that won’t make us bankrupt so we can finally travel abroad without any problems. This is, indeed a great thing, however, in many occasions, we can encounter problems due to the fact that we don’t speak the language of the visited territory and the inhabitants there don’t speak our language. Of course, there are apps that now instantly translate text. There is also a gadget for this now, the ONE Mini.

This little device, which is currently on Kickstarter, promises to be more accurate and practical than other translation apps and devices. The developers designed a handy all-in-one for communicating and recording and they made it both stylish and affordable. What seems to differentiate the ONE mini from other devices of this kind is the fact that it doesn’t only use AI technology to deliver translations but it also offers users the possibility to get in touch with real-life translators whenever they can’t manage to translate the text mechanically. Of course, this is a service that costs extra, however, it still is easier to use than actually finding a professional translator on the spot. And it is also a lot cheaper.

The ONE Mini is currently working in twelve of the most used languages. These are Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Arabic, and Italian. The live interpreters can perform two-way interpretation, from English to the other eleven languages or Chinese to the other 11 languages. Of course, this means that you won’t be able to translate directly from Russian to Korean, for example, but the company will probably get there too. Until then, the existing services are quite spectacular too.

While the little gadget is primarily made for translating, this is not its only capability. The ONE Mini also serves as a dictaphone, a recorder that doesn’t only record what you say but it also turns speech into text so you have everything you say in writing too. The ONE Mini works as a wireless playback device too. It has an advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chip and a 3.5mm audio jack, so it is perfectly capable of pairing with your other devices and play your music. Even more, users can take calls when driving with the help of the small device.

The ONE Mini has a minimalistic design, it is small and light, and users can even clip it to objects so they never lose it. The gadget works with an app that allows users to set the languages they need. The great thing about this device is that once users make the necessary settings, they don’t need to use the ONE Mini together with their smartphones, instead, the ONE Mini will turn into an independent device capable of translating whatever users need it to. The battery of the ONE Mini can reportedly last for about ten hours on a single charge. The translation time on a single charge is shorter, the ONE Mini can only ensure four hours of that.

A device similar to the ONE Mini would definitely not be a cheap one. The ONE Mini’s retail price will reportedly be around $99. However, those who back the Kickstarter campaign can get it for less. Users will be able to choose between multiple color variants. The ONE Mini will become available in Space Gray, Meteorite Black, Apple Green, Retro Dark Green, and Cherry Red. They all look nice and everyone can find one variant suitable for their taste. If you are interested in the device, you can check it out on Kickstarter.

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