OnePlus 7 could have three rear cameras and a pop-up camera

This year we’ve already seen a number of great smartphones. Even so, there are lots more to come, one of which is the OnePlus 7. The Chinese company impressed the tech heads ever since it delivered the OnePlus One, the flagship killer, and it seems it intends to stay in the focus of smartphone users for the foreseeable future too. The OnePlus 7 is believed to launch next month, possibly on May 14. While there are three more weeks to go until then, as usual, rumors already started surfacing.

The OnePlus 7, first of all, will have a modern design, however, it will not bring any major changes around. The device will reportedly not have a visible front-facing camera, so there will be no camera notch on the upper side of the screen. Instead, rumor has it that the OnePlus 7 will come with a pop-up camera. Besides the front-facing pop-up camera, the OnePlus 7 could also feature three rear cameras. This rumor started from the well-known Slashleaks a few weeks ago, so it is quite credible, as in many cases, the famous leakster proved to be right. Of course, this information should not be taken for granted as there are a lot of leaks that turn out to be false after all.

Even though this is about all we know regarding the design of the OnePlus 7, more information regarding its performance and pricing are available. The device, according to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau will be fast and smooth. The CEO also emphasized that the focus is on the smartphone’s smoothness. This suggests that it will not only have a powerful chipset, but it will be helped by great amounts of memory and we might also see new software features that could turn the OnePlus 7 into the fast and smooth device Pete Lau was describing.

One of the most important rumors regarding the OnePlus 7 concerns its price tag. OnePlus really struggled in the past few years to deliver handsets with high-end specs and still keep the price of the smartphones low enough to be affordable for the majority of people. This year, it seems that the OnePlus 7 will manage to keep up the tradition and have a reasonable price tag for what it has to offer. According to another famous leakster, Onleaks, the device will cost $569. Compared to other flagship devices, this is a more than reasonable price tag. This is exactly why it seems to be a little too low to be real.

As it was already mentioned, the OnePlus 7 is expected to launch on May 14. Rumor has it that OnePlus will also launch a 5G model, possibly called the OnePlus 7 Pro. It’s unclear yet whether the two models will launch at the same time or the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will decide to launch the Pro after the standard model and before the OnePlus 7T that should arrive in the fall.  

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