Oppo Reno Ace only takes 25 minutes to fully charge

Fast charging is not a novelty anymore. Even so, Oppo might surprise the world, as it prepares a new handset, the Oppo Reno Ace, which will reportedly take only 25 minutes to fully charge. Of course, this could be easy if the handset had a really small battery but that isn’t the case. The upcoming smartphone actually has a rather large, 4,000mAh battery. What is amazing is the phone’s fast charging support of up to 65W. This is a lot more than any other device that supports fast charging can handle. This fast-charging capability also means that users only need to wait for 10 minutes to charge the battery 50% or they can be out the door in 5 minutes if a 30% battery is enough for them before they get back home.

Just to be clear on what a major thing this is, one should consider that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which is one of the best handsets of the year can only support 45W charging. According to some, the Oppo R17 Pro needs only 30 minutes of charging in order to get to 96%, which is already great, but given the fact that its battery is smaller than the one of the Oppo Reno Ace, it’s not that awesome. Some might think that fast charging capabilities are not important at all. After all, the majority of us charge their phones during the night, and then it doesn’t really matter if it is fully charged in 30 minutes, in an hour or in 2 hours. However, when one needs to urgently leave the house/ the office and their phone’s battery is about to die, fast charging capabilities become really important.

It’s not quite clear yet whether the Oppo Reno Ace will support wireless charging too, or the company opted for wired charging only. Either way, Oppo managed to do something great and if the fast charging will not cause any issues like overheating and such, it will definitely be a major win for the company. The handset is just around the corner as its launch event will take place on October 10. The smartphone will most likely offer a lot more than fast charging, so it might become really popular soon.

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