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Asus ROG Phone II
22 Jul 2019

Asus ROG Phone II will be hard to dethrone

Befoe the end of the month we expected two brand new gaming smartphones to launch, with similar specs. The Asus ROG Phone II’s launch was set for today while the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 will arrive just before the end of July. Now that the full spec sheet of the

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro
19 Jul 2019

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro to launch on July 30

Smartphones that are clearly aiming gamers are not really a novelty. Even so, there aren’t too many models yet so a new one is also welcome. The Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro is the next gaming smartphone to launch and we even have an official launch date now. The Chinese

samsung galaxy tab s6
18 Jul 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 renders leaked, showing off the redesigned tablet and S Pen

Tablets were a lot more popular a few years back, even so, they still are appealing to many users. Samsung didn’t even get to officially announce the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 yet and renders and real-life images of the gadget already surfaced. The renders come from Android Headlines and they

17 Jul 2019

Android Q to bring along new emojis including quite cute ones

A text message is no longer simply a text message, maybe with the exception of business messages. in almost all other cases, we express ourselves with the help of the emojis that become more and more interesting and varied. From the simpler smiley faces we started at, emojis have become

Asus ROG Phone 2
16 Jul 2019

Images of the Asus ROG Phone 2 surface on the web

The Asus ROG Phone 2 is a device that gamers are eagerly waiting for. While there is no official news regarding the release date, or launch date of the handset, for that matter, information regarding the gadget started surfacing. First of all, we found out that the next gaming smartphone

Galaxy Note 10
15 Jul 2019

Galaxy Note 10 might not arrive as soon as everyone thought

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 should launch next month, on August 7 to be more exact. While it is not totally impossible for it to launch at that date, the release of the handset might just take a little longer than usual. Samsung might need to delay the production of




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