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iphone 11
13 May 2019

iPhone 11 models get a new camera setup design

Apple is not the company that awes us with major design changes with every new generation. Until the iPhone X, the majority of iPhones looked pretty much the same, with minor changes here and there. Lately, the company seems to have changed its policy a little bit and we actually

Morus Zero
11 May 2019

Morus Zero – the tumble dryer that fits in any home

Everyone likes clean clothes and we especially love them when they are ready to wear in as little time as possible. For this, we need washing machines and tumble dryers. Unfortunately, some of us just don’t have the necessary space to store both a washing machine and a dryer and

Honor 20
10 May 2019

Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro coming in style later this month

Huawei sub-brand Honor is going to launch two new devices later this month. The Honor 20 series handsets are eagerly awaited by many smartphone users and it seems their patience won’t go unrewarded. According to the company, the Honor 20 and the Honor 20 Pro will be truly amazing, at

google pixel 3a
09 May 2019

The Google Pixel 3a might be a mid-range device but it has a great camera

Google finally unveiled its first mid-range handsets, the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL. The launch took place at the company’s I/O 2019 event. Rumors regarding affordable Pixel devices started surfacing a few months ago and now we finally got to see them. Naturally, due to their lower prices, the

ONE Mini
08 May 2019

ONE Mini could finally erase the language barriers we encounter when traveling

Thankfully, traveling is a lot easier and more affordable nowadays. If we plan ahead, we can buy airplane tickets for sums that won’t make us bankrupt so we can finally travel abroad without any problems. This is, indeed a great thing, however, in many occasions, we can encounter problems due

Oppo Reno Plus
06 May 2019

Oppo Reno with thicker bezels and better selfie camera in the works

The spirits haven’t even settled after the launch of the Oppo Reno which took place two weeks ago and it seems the company is already planning to launch a new device. As the similarities between the Oppo Reno and the new model, codenamed PCDM10 and PCDT10 are pretty visible, the new




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