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26 May 2019

Newyes obtains more than 1,100% funding on Kickstarter

Tablets have come a long way ever since they first made their appearance on the market. They evolved into e-book readers and now we can easily use them as notebooks too, to write in them with our actual handwriting. The Newyes is probably one of the most interesting devices of

16-inch MacBook Pro
24 May 2019

Upcoming Apple iPad Pro and MacBook Pro could get larger batteries due to thinner OLED displays

Apple’s devices of all kinds sell like hotcakes, mainly because they are made of high-quality materials and are packed with surprisingly good features. Even so, the Cupertino-based company’s gadgets could use a boost in battery life. According to the latest reports, this could become reality in the next couple of

23 May 2019

New Amazon device could teach users how to interact more effectively with others

Gadgets keep becoming more and more intelligent with every generation. AI has come a long way and it keeps improving. According to the latest reports, Amazon is working on a wearable device that won’t only be able to detect how its user is feeling but later on could also teach

flic 2
22 May 2019

Flic 2 allows users to control almost anything with a push of a button

When we speak of gadgets, we usuallz think of devices like smartphones, music plazers, headphones, tablets, laptops and more. However, there are other gadgets out there too, that can make our lives easier. One of them is the Flic 2. As its name suggests, it is a reiteration of a

samsung galaxy note 10
21 May 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be the largest Samsung yet, besides the Fold

Even though there seem to be quite a few problems around the official release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company’s fans still have something to eagerly wait for, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. In the last couple of years, the South Korean company launched its flagship devices in the

mylo companion robot
19 May 2019

Mylo, the companion robot, can save people’s lives

Companion robots have been around for a while now, however, they don’t seem to get the attention they deserve. In certain situations, these gadgets can even save lives and in all the situations, they can ease the solitude of their owners. Mylo is one of the companion robots that promise




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