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Oppo Reno Ace
10 Oct 2019

Oppo Reno Ace is a new flagship killer with a really affordable price tag

Normally, high-grade specs mean a high price tag. However, it seems that this starts to change, at least that is what the Oppo Reno Ace tells us. The handset just launched and it really has a lot to offer, including the fastest charging battery right now, and even so, it

Essential Project Gem
09 Oct 2019

Project Gem is Essential’s new attempt to innovate the smartphone market

The Essential Phone was without a doubt a project that started out as a great idea and slowly turned into a disappointment. The company recently showed off its new device, Project Gem, and while it seems to be a totally new approach of smartphones, it might be even worse received

tile sticker
08 Oct 2019

Tile Sticker easily tracks all devices even in rainy weather

Tile’s Bluetooth trackers have become quite popular already but the company just launched one of its most amazing gadgets so far. The new Tile Sticker is small, discreet, and efficient even in bad weather conditions. The round sticker is barely visible and thanks to its reduced size, users can stick

Sony Xperia 8
07 Oct 2019

Sony surprises the world with the Sony Xperia 8 mid-ranger

Sony quietly took to unveil its new mid-ranger, the Sony Xperia 8 today. The handset borrows a lot from the Xperia 10’s design but it does come with some improvements, such as the waterproof and dustproof body. This was one of the biggest downsides of the previously launched Xperia 10,

Samsung Galaxy A20s
07 Oct 2019

Samsung Galaxy A20s with SD chipset and triple camera launched in India

Samsung’s flagship smartphones are definitely the ones we would all like to own. Even so, the company delivers a series of budget-friendly handsets that are more appropriate for the majority of smartphone users. The latest ones to join the lineup in the Indian market is the Samsung Galaxy A20s, which

realme x2 pro
04 Oct 2019

Realme X2 Pro to land in Europe soon with impressive specs

High-end smartphones have more and more competitors with more affordable price tags. The Realme X2 Pro promises to be a device that could take on the competition specs-wise while maintaining decent pricing. At least on paper, the upcoming smartphone looks quite impressive, even after the manufacturing company corrected its tweets




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