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Part-time Jobs for Parents Who Want to Work From Home

As a parent, you may be looking for remote work opportunities to have more freedom in both your professional and personal responsibilities. Part-time work from home allows parents to earn extra income for their families without leaving their children.
Some of those process alternatives are to be had to individuals who won’t have as a whole lot paintings experience, at the same time as others require greater training and experience.
while others require more education and experience. In this article, we will discuss some of the best part-time jobs for parents.

What is Part-Time Work from Home?

A part-time job that can be done from home is ideal for parents who want to raise their children without experiencing a major work gap. Working part-time from home can also allow parents to be more flexible, instead of working 40 hours a week during regular business hours, potentially eliminating the need for childcare. Many part-time job options are also family-friendly, meaning you won’t have to miss out on dance nights and football games or even sacrifice sleep time.
Another benefit of part-time work is that you can get extra hours when you need them, such as certain times of the year when your family needs extra income. Part-time work can allow you to pursue your area of ​​interest and decide if you want to return to full-time work at any point in your career.
When considering a job that will work with your family goals, it’s important to think about the schedule and days of the week you’ll need to work. Some part-time jobs require weekend work, while others may have rigid weekday requirements, such as being available during business hours.
When you can find a part-time job that suits your needs, it becomes easier to provide for your family and increase your income.

Here are the 15 best part-time jobs for parents Who Want to Work From Home

1. Customer Service Representative

National average wage: $13.10 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
A customer service representative provides support to customers of a particular business by helping to resolve complaints and concerns, listen to their needs, provide information about services and products, accept and process orders, process returns, and answer any questions that may arise. They must maintain a professional and positive demeanor when dealing with clients and communicate through various channels such as phone, email and social media.

2. Tax preparer

National average wage: $14.44 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
Every year before the tax season there is a great demand for tax preparers. Their responsibilities include calculating taxes owed based on income and deductions, identifying any potential tax credits and deductions, reviewing federal, state and local tax codes for clients to ensure they are getting the maximum benefit, ensuring that clients do not pay more taxes than they owe, checking amounts on previous tax forms, calculating and collecting fees for preparing and filing tax returns both electronically and on paper.

3. Medical transcriptionist

National average wage: $15.31 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
Medical transcribers listen to recordings made by medical professionals and convert the recordings into written reports. These may include operational reports, clinical records, treatment reports, discharge summaries, and other procedures and treatment plans. Responsibilities in this role may also include interpreting medical abbreviations and terminology, reviewing and editing medical documents and records, conducting quality reviews and improvements, tracking healthcare providers to ensure accuracy, and submitting documents for approval.

4. Virtual assistant

National average wage: $15.79 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
A virtual assistant supports a person or group of people in day-to-day administrative tasks, including scheduling, organizing files, answering emails, arranging travel and appointments, and processing expense reports and orders. These professionals may also need to communicate regularly with their employers through various means such as video messaging, conferencing, instant messaging, email, or phone calls.

5. Nanny

National average wage: $16.04 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
Nanny takes care of at least one child. They often prepare meals, teach manners, punish children when they misbehave, interact with those under their care in a positive and loving manner, and help with household chores and chores.

6. Graphic Designer

National average wage: $17.71 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
A graphic designer is responsible for creating visual concepts, often using computer software, to visualize ideas that inform, inspire, and captivate consumers. In this role, the individual often designs advertisements, magazines, brochures, images, and reports.

7. Data Entry Specialist

National average wage: $17.94 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
The Data Entry Specialist enters data into the database, paying close attention to detail to ensure that all information entered is accurate and complete. Their main responsibilities include entering and updating records, processing documents, checking data for accuracy, maintaining data entry processes and procedures, testing new and changed systems, and maintaining the confidentiality of entered information.

8. Tutor

National average wage: $21.41 an hour

Main responsibilities:
Tutors provide educational support and assistance to students in various subjects. Many home-based tutors offer their services via video conferencing software, although some students visit their homes in person. Key responsibilities include developing a student’s skills in a particular subject, identifying the needs of each individual student, delivering lessons that will improve their knowledge, and generating reports for students’ parents.

9. Travel agent

National average wage: $21.77 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
A travel agent helps clients plan their trips. The most common responsibilities include assisting clients in choosing holiday destinations, booking flights and hotels, informing foreign travelers about visa and passport requirements, and providing detailed itineraries to ensure a more convenient travel experience.

10. Fitness instructor

National average wage: $22.58 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
Being a fitness instructor involves demonstrating how to perform certain exercises and techniques. To do this from home, you’ll probably need to record videos of yourself doing the exercises and share them with your service’s subscribers. Additional responsibilities include monitoring participants’ progress, providing information and resources on weight management, nutrition and fitness, explaining safety rules and exercise concerns, and suggesting exercise alternatives for participants with lower skill levels.

11. editor

National average wage: $23.84 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
Editors read content and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, rewrite text for clarity, evaluate content submitted by authors, develop content and ideas and story ideas, approve content drafts, and check facts to ensure accuracy.

12. Recruiter

National average wage: $24.63 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
Recruiters assist organizations in finding and attracting talented team members. Their responsibilities include researching sources for finding job candidates, providing information about candidates to hiring managers, working with employment agencies, colleges and community resource providers, and maintaining rapport with their recruits.

13. Copywriter

National average wage: $24.63 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
The copywriter is responsible for writing content that matches the corporate identity of the organization. In this role, a person must create high-quality copies according to clients’ recommendations, collaborate with editors and other creative professionals to develop different types of material, manage projects on time, and come up with copy ideas.

14. Masseur

National average wage: $28.41 an hour

Key Responsibilities:
Masseurs perform therapeutic joint and soft tissue massages to treat a variety of medical injuries and conditions, as well as to improve overall well-being. They may also advise clients on medical issues and medical histories, assist with muscle strength and range of motion exercises, develop and suggest treatment plans for clients, and consult with other healthcare professionals.

15. Music teacher

National average wage: $30.46 an hour
Key Responsibilities:
Being a music teacher involves teaching students who want to learn how to play an instrument or voice. Responsibilities include planning and preparing lessons, teaching music theory and practical techniques, motivating and encouraging students, assessing student abilities, keeping notes, and providing various learning resources and materials.

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