Powerup 4.0 Smartphone- controlled paper airplane 547% funded on Kickstarter

There are a lot of gadgets available right now and it seems that all of them have their own fans. The Powerup 4.0 smartphone-controlled paper airplane is definitely not a common sight, even so, it already got 547% funding on the crowdfunding platform. It is strictly a recreational gadget, with no practical use, however, it seems that it is enough for more than 2500 people to be interested in it. There still are 53 days to go before the campaign ends so we might see this numbers grow a lot more. This is the developer company’s fourth campaign, so it’s safe to say that paper planes have a great number of fans.

The design of the Powerup 4.0 smartphone-controlled airplane is one of its most surprising features. To be more exact, the paper airplane is not included, users actually need to fold it. The gadget itself is the support to which users can attach their paper airplane in order to motorize it and control it with their smartphones. It is actually a pretty great way to spend time, especially if you have kids. Grownups will also enjoy the experience, that is granted. The paper plane kit has a brand new onboard flight computer that allows users to master impressive acrobatics tricks, and it also offers launch assist, so even in a case of a bad launch, the plane will recover and fly smoothly.

The gadget also features a wind stabilizer and an auto stabilizer. This way, users will never have to worry about the flight going wrong. For those who would like to fly their paper, cardboard, foam or balsa wood planes, the developers of the Powerup 4.0 smartphone-controlled gadget added optional LED lights, which donțt only make flying the device easier at night, they also grant a great visual effect to the plane. The fun can go on both in daylight and at night time.

While the hardware is already quite interesting, it would be worth nothing if it weren’t for the incredible controls. Users don’t have to be great pilots in order to be able to fly the Powerup 4.0. All they need to do is tilt their smartphones in the direction they want their planes to fly. It can’t really get any easier than this. The device has a wireless range of up to 230ft or 70 meters, and it can fly for 10 minutes on a single charge. Unfortunately, users will need to take a 25-minutes break after every 10 minutes of flight. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices alike, so no matter what kind of a smartphone the user owns, it will work with the gadget.

Those who pledge $59 or more to the cause can get one Powerup 4.0 module, 4 red paper plane templates, a desk stand, and 10 additional paper plane templates. The Pro kit, which costs $79 on Kickstarter right now and will retail for $129 has a little more to offer. In addition to the content of the Standard kit, it contains 2 waterproof Dupont paper plane templates, the Night Flight LED lights, wheels for a smooth take-off and landing, and a foam DIY kit F22 Style Aircraft. If everything goes well, the kits will start shipping in April 2020.

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