Python vs JavaScript: Which one is best for beginners

Python vs JavaScript has a long history as a friend and enemy. They also have many everyday things. Both languages are so much influential and widely used in real-world applications. Also, both of them are the most popular programming language in the world. 

Although many people want to know which one is the better one, whether is it Python or JavaScript. Also, many beginners asked this question most that, which one they should learn. So, today we will break down all the common questions and we will go to the deep of that which one win the race. Let’s start the battle of Python vs JavaScript: which one is best for beginners? 

Python vs JavaScript

When someone starts his or her journey in the field of computer programming then they often asked the question, “Should I learn Python or JavaScript?” or “What is the different between Python and JavaScript?” and many more questions. Or often we see that Python and JavaScript developers start a debate about this subject. 

Now it’s time to break down those questions. You don’t have to ask this question anymore on Google. So, let’s start with respect for both Python and JavaScript.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Before diving into other questions, first, let’s know about some of the advantages and disadvantages of these two programming languages. 


Advantages of Python

  • It’s a high-level, object-oriented programming language. 
  • The syntax of Python is very easy to read compared to other programming languages.
  • Python has a very rich library. 
  • It’s one of the best programming languages for AI/ML and back-end development.
  • Best language for beginners. 

Disadvantages of Python

  • Can’t develop a mobile application using Python.
  • Python works slowly compared to other languages.
  • Can’t use this language for website front-end development.
  • Memory consumption of Python is very high.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • JavaScript works in any browser.
  • It works in both front-end and back-end. 
  • It can use to develop mobile applications. 
  • The speed of JavaScript is great.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • Debugging is hard.
  • Can’t develop network applications using JavaScript. 
  • Client-side JavaScrpit can’t write or read files. 
  • Only support single inheritance.

Some differences between Python and JavaScript

We saw the advantages and disadvantages of those two programming languages. And now let’s know some differences between these two languages. 

  • Python is slower than JavaScript.
  • Python is easy to maintain compared to JavaScript. 
  • Choosing Python to develop a mobile app isn’t a good choice and choosing JavaScript to develop a mobile app is a very good decision. 
  • Both of them can be used to develop websites. Although Python can only use in the back end. 
  • Python supports a wide range of data types while JavaScript doesn’t. 
  • Python uses ASCII encoding format and JavaScript uses UTF-16 encoding format. 
  • Learning DSA using Python is easier than JavaScript. 
  • Python is a little bit easier for beginners compared to JavaScript. 
  • You must need to know the basic of JavaScript to develop a website but if you want you can do your website development work without knowing Python. 

Some common questions

We completed our first two rounds in the competition of Python vs JavaScript. Now let’s answer some of the most common questions about Python vs JavaScript. 

Is Python easier than JavaScript?

Yes, Python is easier than JavaScript. But, it’s easy for a beginner. It’s not like the whole language is easier than JavaScript. 


If someone said you that learning this language it’s very easy then he or she isn’t claiming that this particular language is going to make easy programming for you. Easy programming language means that the system of that programming language is easy to read or easy to understand for a beginner. But when you will go into the deep of a language then things going to change. It doesn’t matter which language you choose to learn, in the end, you have to give it time to do something with the language. You have to work hard to do something, it doesn’t matter which language you choose. 

Should I learn Python or JavaScript?

We go back to our main question. Actually, if I want to answer it in one world then I have to say that, it doesn’t matter. The main thing that does matter is that, start learning. Just start to progress in any of the languages.

Python is the best and so is JavaScript. Both of them are very good programming languages. But still, if you want an answer then here is an answer for you.

If you want to develop a website’s front end part then go with JavaScript and if you want to develop a website’s backend you can also go with JavaScript but in that case, you have to use nodejs and if you want to do that using Python then you can do this using Django, Flask or any other library. But the main point is that you can do a lot of things using those languages.

Personally, I think if you completed the beginner level of programming then you know which language you should use. Choosing a language depends on many things. Maybe you work for a company and from your company they told you to develop an API using Python’s FastAPI and in that case, you can’t use JavaScript or nodejs. 

But if you’re a beginner then go with any of the languages. Just start learning and if you start your journey don’t go back to the previous step. Many people start learning Python and after some time they start learning javascript. Just don’t do that. Stick to one plan and don’t change your plan. 


Python vs JS is a very big debate. I just told you what I think is best to do. It is not like that you must have to follow that. Although I hope you find a proper step that what should you do. In programming, the language actually doesn’t matter. No one going to tell you this valid answer. Programming language is just a tool you are going to use to develop something. The thing you develop is going to be good or bad that depends on you, not on the programming language. So, just start learning with Python or JavaScript or if you want with any other programming language. This is what you really should do. That’s all for today. Happy Coding!


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