What started out as Oppo’s affordable series, and grew to be an independent brand, namely Realme, finally seems to arrive home. The brand already made its way to several markets in the Asia-Pacific region, however, it was not present on the Chinese market until now. This is quite surprising, as China is its home country after all. While the company is still not effectively present on the Chinese market yet, it did take some steps towards it. Namely, there is a Realme Weibo account now, and this is usually the first step a company takes when trying to enter the market of China.

While some people might have thought that this step won’t be taken any time soon, it seems that it is quite real, especially since one of the Realme Weibo account’s followers is Sky Li, the founder of the company.  It will probably still take some time before Realme will finally launch all its devices on the Chinese market, but many smartphone users are eagerly expecting the new models to reach them. Other markets already welcomed a few Realme models and more are coming out soon. It’s safe to assume that in the future all Realme handsets will be available for purchase in China.

Realme on Weibo

Right now, India seems to be the market where smartphone users can choose between the most models. While on other markets, like Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Egypt the subbrand just launched the Realme 3, India already got to see the Realme 3 Pro. The company launched its new device yesterday in India, alongside the Realme C2. The former model is a slightly larger and improved version of the Realme 3, the latter is more like an entry-level device with an incredibly affordable price tag.

In a few more weeks we will have a clearer idea of what Oppo’s subbrand intends to do on the Chinese market and just how much it wants to expand in its home country.

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