Red Hydrogen Two will be manufactured from scratch at a new ODM

The RED Hydrogen One was one of those handsets that promised to be great but turned out to be average at best. The company’s first smartphone was delayed several times and when it finally arrived it wasn’t anywhere near as fantastic as everyone expected it to be. As a matter of fact, for many people, it was a huge disappointment as they were eagerly waiting to get exactly what the company promised to deliver, and they didn’t. According to RED founder Jim Jannard, the Chinese device manufacturer that was contracted to manufacture the Hydrogen One was the one to be blamed for this. Naturally, the company chose to go with another ODM in order to create the Red Hydrogen Two.

In the same statement, Jannard also pointed towards the fact that the company started the work on the Red Hydrogen Two from scratch so it’s highly likely that it won’t just be a slightly improved version of the first smartphone the company delivered. According to Jannard, the Red Hydrogen Two “is being methodically designed and crafted to surprise and exceed expectations… “. The company’s founder seems to be convinced of the fact that the new ODM is a lot more competent than the Chinese one that delivered the Hydrogen One and that the story of the new model will be a completely different one.

While Jannard did not reveal any details regarding the features of the upcoming Red Hydrogen Two, he did mention that both the Hydrogen Two and the Hydrogen One Cinema Camera model will integrate with the company’s brand new Komodo camera that promises to capture cinema-grade images. RED seems to be fully aware of the fact that the company’s first smartphone was not what everyone was expecting. In order to make it up to their customers, Jannard announced that “every hydrogen one owner will get significant preferential treatment for the Hydrogen Two and/or new Cinema Camera model, both in delivery allocations and pricing”.

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