Samsung Galaxy Fold arrives in Europe on September 18, US launch set for September 27

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is without a doubt one of the most eagerly awaited smartphones of the year. The South Korean company will officially re-launch the handset in its home country on September 6. The handset will also arrive in other parts of the world later this month. Namely, the European launch date is set for September 18 in France, German, and the UK. On the same date, the company will launch the foldable smartphone in Singapore. The US has to wait a little longer to welcome the device, as it will only debut there on September 27.

Samsung promised to make the handset available in April. However, due to issues regarding the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s screen the company decided to delay the release date of the smartphone. Now that they addressed all the issues, the preregistration for the foldable phone is open once again. Unfortunately, not many people will be able to afford the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The handset will become available in 4G and 5G variants and the starting price for the 4G variant is going to be $1,980. naturally, the 5G variant will go well beyond the $2,000 threshold. The situation won’t be any more pleasant in Europe either. The base model will reportedly sell for €2,000 euros. As for the UK, the price of the foldable smartphone starts at £1,799. In its home country, Samsung will sell the device for prices starting at 2.3 million won, which roughly translates into $1900.

Naturally, the Galaxy Fold is packed with the best hardware one can hope for in 2019. The handset that first amazes its user with its generous screen surfaces comes with the most powerful chipsets on board, and it includes considerable amounts of memory and internal storage. The smartphone will most likely run Android 9 out of the box, but it will definitely get the Android 10 upgrade as soon as possible.

It’s safe to assume that there won’t be too many people purchasing the new Samsung flagship. First of all, it is extremely expensive. However, there is another cause for the low interest in the device too. The company may have solved the issues of the cracking screen, however, it’s really hazardous to spend so much money on a device that presented serious issues earlier. Customers will most likely be reserved, so we don’t expect Samsung to report huge sales on this model. Maybe the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have a better start.

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