Samsung Galaxy Fold could finally launch at IFA 2019 next week

If there was a biggest surprise and a biggest disappointment in terms of smartphones this year, we have to say that both titles go to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The South Korean tech giant has teased us for years with a foldable smartphone so we were really excited when the company finally showed it off at the beginning of the year. It was pretty much everything we have been hoping for from a foldable phone, with a more than generous screen surface, incredible features, and more. The excitement slowly faded away when Samsung kept delaying the official launch of the handset due to several problems. The screen seemed to crack easily so, at least in its original form, the Fold was definitely not worth its huge price.

Back in July, Samsung stated that they would launch the Samsung Galaxy Fold in September. The company did not announce a specific launch date, though. Now, it seems that the South Korean tech company is aiming for a September 6 launch. This is also the date when IFA 2019 kicks off in Berlin, so it’s safe to assume that the Galaxy Fold will officially launch exactly there, in Berlin. Samsung stated that they managed to address the majority of the Fold’s issues a few months ago, so by now the smartphone should really be ready to be not only officially launched but also made available for purchase.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was not the only foldable phone to launch this year. Huawei also announced the Mate X, which had a similar track as the Fold did. The company showed off the device, it showed the world just how great it looks but then delayed the official launch. The Huawei Mate X should also launch sometime between September and November, so Samsung has its competition on. It’s not quite clear what the issues of the Huawei Mate X were, they weren’t as mediatized as the ones of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, it’s safe to assume that the possibility for the foldable screen to crack was one of the issues. Hopefully, both smartphone manufacturers managed to work their way through the issues.

It’s about time for Samsung to launch its foldable smartphone as rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 already surfaced. It would have been strange to see the sequel officially launch before the original model. We only have to wait less than a week to see whether Samsung managed to turn the extremely expensive foldable smartphone into a usable one or not. Hopefully, it did.

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