Samsung Galaxy Fold – Is this a fiasco, like the Galaxy Note 7?

This year, we finally got to see the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The South Korean company has worked for years on the foldable device and in the first quarter of the year they finally showed it off. Naturally, as many people were eagerly waiting for it, it was a big sensation. The smartphone which could be folded easily so the huge screen could fit in one’s pocket impressed quite a lot of people. Unfortunately, according to the latest reports, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Fold might not be as extraordinary as everyone thought it would be.

According to reports, the foldable screen isn’t really foldable. To be more exact, it folds, but in some cases, it also cracks as it folds. Several users have reported this issue, which is quite a serious one. Naturally, this reminds many people of the fiasco the Galaxy Note 7 turned out to be. The otherwise gorgeous and super powerful device was great, only that it had the tendency to explode. The Samsung Galaxy Fold doesn’t explode, but it cracks. Given the fact that its foldable screen is its major attraction this, indeed is a serious concern to whoever wanted to spend $2,000 on a handset.

Thankfully, it seems that the problem isn’t due to faulty design; instead, users tend to remove a film which seems to be a screen protector at first glance. As it turns out, it isn’t. Instead, the Samsung Galaxy Fold needs this film to keep it from breaking. Several people who got to try the review units out came to this conclusion. Even so, it’s rather bothering that the film is so easy to remove as probably many smartphone users will think it’s a good idea to get rid of it, only to find themselves in the possession of a broken, $2,000 gadget.

It’s not quite clear what Samsung intends to do in order to solve the issue. One thing is clear, the company is working on a solution, this is most likely the reason why the South Korean smartphone manufacturer chose to postpone several launch events, in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Fold seems to be a stunning device so it would really be a shame for it to be a total fiasco after all this waiting.

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