Samsung Galaxy Fold redesigned, still not arriving this summer

Samsung has been teasing us with a foldable smartphone for years now. The South Korean company actually showed off the Samsung Galaxy Fold earlier this year, however, the handset still didn’t reach customers. Samsung should have released the foldable device a while ago, but due to some issues regarding the protective film, which many users removed causing the smartphone to crack, the release got delayed. Now, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s redesign is complete. According to Bloomberg, the handset got a new protective film which wraps around the entire screen and flows into the outer bezels, so users can’t peel it down.

The hinge of the smartphone also got a redesign, and it is now flush with the display. According to the same sources, this change was made in order to ensure a better stretch of the film when users open the smartphone. These two changes should be more than enough to address the screen issues encountered by those who got the chance to try out the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This is a smartphone that costs nearly $2,000 so it is completely understandable that no one would spend that much money on a device that could crack at any movement.

Unfortunately, even though the redesign is complete, there is still no news regarding the release date of the gadget. Those who hoped for it to be released alongside the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 seem to be wrong as sources close to the company stated to Bloomberg that the handset won’t be arriving in shops anytime soon. We all remember the fiasco named the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so it’s no surprise that the South Korean company won’t release the Samsung Galaxy Fold before it is absolutely sure that the flagship device meets all requirements. Hopefully, it will hit the shelves before the end of the year.

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